The classic and timeless rags to riches story of Cinderella, will make its momentous debut on silver screen very soon. But prior to its advance screening, the beautiful and famous Sandy Powell will glamorously make a very sophisticated modification of her famed glass slipper. Powell, is an Oscar-winning designer. In this regard, there is somewhat a fascinating alchemy at work for the much coveted costume design for a film.

Cinderella soon to hit theatres worldwide.

Cinderella soon to hit theatres worldwide.

Apart from this, every person in this marvelous tale of true love and an immeasurable ounce of self-sacrifice is very much focused on the much anticipated facets of real life such as a secret marriage, the unification of immense characterizations as well as a non-elusive vision of a mega director. In lieu of comparison, there are some critical film reviewers who had somehow asked this very tricky question. Who would be Dorothy Judy Garland’s mind without her inherent taint of innocence that can be described as blue gingham pinafore? Of course, who would ever dare to forget about her much sought after red-colored slippers? We all knew for a fact, that this is her most unforgettable trademark. Each woman in Cinderella, The Movie was enchantingly made by Adrian. He is dubbed as the Wardrobe King of Hollywood, when we speak of today’s .

Meanwhile, Sandy Powell has mused that dressing a bad guy is the most exciting thing to do. Also, a good and kind hearted person is in a way too challenging to have some wardrobe makeover. Insofar as Cinderella The Movie is concerned, it is directed by Kenneth Branagh. Playdate wise, this will be in theatres in March 2015. Since it will be shown next year, it has paved a way for him to provide him-self with ample time to make it an exceptional work of art. Lily James will never be the same again as she plays the title role. Moreover, Cate Blanchett covets the role of Cinderella’s step mom. According to Blanchett, she is very much delighted with someone like Powell. To date, she enthuses

To be in dialogue with Sandy instantly makes an actor’s internal work become more active and purposeful.


She invites grace, chutzpah, and irreverence, and one’s performance must rise to the occasion.

Although this is a classic film, Powell is aiming for the big thing when it comes to dress up each and everyone with a movie that exemplifies the 19th century with a sheer touch of creativity, resplendence and her inherent wit above anything else. Moreover, the 1950’s circa will never be left far behind. In addition to this, Powell said.

They are meant to be totally ridiculous on the outside—a bit too much and overdone—and ugly on the inside


Truly, Cinderella The Movie is more than just a fairy tale in this modern day saga of cinematic excellence. Watch out for it soon. in theatres near you.

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