The long and winding court battle of estranged couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto seems to be brewing up again after Raymart’s lawyer has issued some controversial statements against her person. Claudine said that she and her husband are trying to patch up things for the sake of their children. However, her husband’s legal counsel has allegedly ruined Santiago’s agreement with Barretto by taking like a chatterbox. Prior to this incident, both she and Santiago had a Judicial Dispute Resolution with respect to the legal custody of their two endearing kids.

Claudine Barretto is now pursuing another case against Raymart Santiago.

Claudine Barretto is now pursuing another case against Raymart Santiago.

Due to another irresolvable conflict between Claudine and Atty. Ruth Castelo, she said that she is pulling out her-self in the said mutual agreement. To date, Claudine said.

We are really working so hard in preparing the children as to whom that they want them to stay.

According to Claudine, Atty. Ruth Castelo has never stopped releasing those unnecessary statements which have destroyed a presumably happy ending for their family. She said that Raymart and her are still under the power and process of mediation. As this developed, she and her former beau are preparing for it so that everything will be settled for the sake of their lovable children. In devastation, Claudine Barretto has posted on her Instagram these statements.

Do not test mee Ruth. Everything seems to be ok until you opened up your big mouth again. Look, it has resulted in another misunderstanding. Now, are you happy that our family will not be whole again?

Baretto said that she even told Raymart about the supposedly wrong move of his lawyer by saying.

Your lawyer wants to be popular. But, she is not pretty.

Thus, Claudine said.

I told her to back off and shut up.

Conclusively, the camp of Claudine Barretto has somehow presumed that the other fence is trying to sabotage all their reconciliation efforts. Having all these complexities before Raymart and Claudine, a possible reunion might only become a wishful thinking most specially for their children. In this regard, the emotional stability of their kids will be severely affected in the long run. Therefore, Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago must try to talk things all over again between them-selves.

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