Claudine Barretto’s Darkest Secret

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Dramatic actress Claudine Barretto has dropped another bombshell which has stunned the whole nation, most specially the glamorous and intriguing world of local showbiz. In a recent photo shoot, Barretto bared for the very first time all her wounds and bruises and even those painful marks of cigarette butts ever since she and her estranged husband have finally called it quits. According to Barretto, she had kept this dilemma of hers for a very long time because of shame. As of this time, she strongly refused to divulge the identity of the person who’s responsible for it.

Dramatic actress Claudine Barretto shows some of her bruises and a bloated face for the first time.

Dramatic actress Claudine Barretto shows some of her bruises and a bloated face for the first time.

Currently, she is undergoing the much needed medication for such horrible inflictions. Sincerely, she says that she also an alleged battered wife just like the others; and so she bravely came out in the open to be help those with the same predicament. However, she hinted that her plight was included in the complaint that she filed in relation to some of the culpable violations of the provisions under the Violence Against Women and their Children Act.

Meanwhile, the doctors who are attending to Claudine Barretto have said that those wounds were deliberately made a long time ago. In other related developments, the former drama queen has filed a new case against Santiago because of his failure to provide some financial support for their children as well as the latter’s neglect of their kids. She further reiterated that Santiago did not even bother to attend the birthday party of their daughter Sabina. Instead, Raymart had pursued with his sky diving activity.

Here’s the actual video footage of Claudine’s darkest secrets. Watch and see how she was able to keep it as secretly as possible.

On the other hand, Raymart Santiago’s lawyer has defended her client by affirming that Raymart and his daughter Sabina were together last 21st of June which is actually the exact birthday of the child. Last week, it can be recalled that both Barretto and Santiago have really tried hard to patch things up. But, an extremely hot word war between Claudine and Raymart’s legal counsel had allegedly ruined everything due to her unfair comments against Barretto.

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