Coco Martin and Nora Aunor: What Happens Next?

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Superstar Nora Aunor and Kapamilya contract star Coco Martin, is now having a rift over the former’s alleged debt. However, Coco has already clarified the debt issue and has said time and again that Aunor did not owe him anything. Prior to that nasty rumor, Covo said that he and the award-winning singer/ actress had a very healthy relationship as friends. In fact, Coco said:

We have a wonderful relationship. We called each other even if we finished the film. My manager told me about the issue with Ate Guy about three to four weeks ago.

Coco and Nora first met in the location shoot of the movie, Patriarch of the Family, which also stars Julia Montes, Joel Torre, Anita Linda,Rosanna Roces, Baron Geisler, Joem Bascon, Manuel Chua and Miles Ocampo. Going back, he immediately apologized to Nora after the issue came out. he said.

I texted Ate Guy and asked for an apology. It was a very long message. I was not aware that she texted me three times because I did not receive her messages.

On Nora’s side of the story, she said that Coco said these heartwarming words to her.

He told me to save money so it would not be a problem in times of need.

Will Coco Martin and superstar Nora Aunor be the best of friends once again?

Wil Coco Martin and superstar Nora Aunor be the best of friends once again?

In local showbiz, most stories and statements are oftentimes misinterpreted by those insiders and reporters who just wanted to get a scoop or running story no matter who gets hurt. All that matters to them, is publicity and fame. Both Coco Martin and Nora Aunor should learn their lessons in order to rekindle and nurture a true friendship that money cannot buy.

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