The dashing debonair of Philippine Showbiz, Coco Martin has finally broken his silence by making a shocking revelation that the he does not have a child with sexy actress Katherine Luna. In an exclusive one-on-one interview with Martin, on a showbiz entertainment talk show, The Buzz, he candidly revealed that he underwent a DNA test to put an end to this malicious rumor that he sired a child at Luna’s expense. According to him,

Negative. The child is not mine.

Coco Martin says , The DNA results are negative.

Coco Martin says , The DNA results are negative.

Based on his own side of the story, Coco Martin said that he took the DNA tests upon the advice of his manager in the person of Biboy Arboleda. Prior to this most crucial move that could possibly make or break his illustrious career, he already wanted to take care of the innocent child. However, he was again told by his handler to take the said medical procedure. Along this line, he said.

I wanted to provide my son, all the best in the world. So, immediately talked to the grandmother of the kid if she wanted to give the child to me in order to provide him the right guidance, But the guardian refused and they told me that we should do everything legally.


It was the during that time that my manager lovingly suggested to me to undergo a DNA test.

After the test results came out, Coco had mixed feelings inside of him. Admittedly, he was deeply hurt about those bias and hurting accusations that he is not a good father. Due to this nasty rumors even his grandmother was so much ashamed to go out. It was because, people see me as an irresponsible person. Contrary to reports, he was actually supporting the child although there was no confirmation yet if indeed the kid was his.

Likewise, Martin even supported Luna during her pregnancy until the day she has given birth. But, she was telling the whole world a different version of the whole thing whenever she was interviewed by the press. In the final analysis, the young dramatic actor who is an exclusive contract star of ABS-CBN-2 feels sorry for the child deep in his heart. He is very much worried about the welfare and future of his rumored lovechild.

Truly, Coco Martin is such a noble and good man. The mere fact, that he had allegedly supported the child was more than just a courageous act of a man to put his best foot forward despite of not having subjected him-self yet to those tests which had ultimately set him free from those controversies that could have caused his downfall as one of the most bankable character actors of today.

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