Colon cancer has made the lives of millions miserable. In fact, an acquaintance of mine died of this several years back. According to medical experts, it is too difficult to address because its victims are very much naive about its signs and symptoms. And of course, let us also take into consideration the bitter reality that most of its patients do not regularly subject them-selves to colonsocpies to make them much better.

Research studies have shown that coconut oil cures colon cancer.

Research studies have shown that coconut oil cures colon cancer.

Therefore, it becomes too late when this dreaded disease is already in its advanced stage. But just like any other types of ailments, it can be effectively prevented through natural means. Everyone should be able to maintain an ideal weight and a person must have lots of fiber for cleansing purposes. Best of all, an adequate amount of coconut oil will remarkably help colon cancer patients to have the most amazing miraculous cure. According to researchers, the lauric acid component of coconut oil can kill almost 93% of those cancerous cells. It will abruptly take place soon after the cells are exposed within 48 hours. As for its final attack on cancerous cells, it happens into two different ways. First, it will decrease those glutathione levels in these cells. After which, its so-called oxidative stress will be increased.

In this way, it is presumed that these cancer cells gradually weaken and will make its own way out. Conversely, there should be more extensive experiments which have to be done in the coming years. Aside from its marvelous healing benefits, this kind of oi can be used for baking, stir frying and one of the best alternatives for butter. Likewise, this can be used as a coffee creamer for a change. Also, it is commonly applied to the skin to make it soft and radiant. Similarly, a pure coconut oil can be a naturally-made make up remover. Hence, if you want to avoid a diaper rash all you need to do is to apply this oil to the bottoms of your baby. If you want to lighten your age spots, just get a clean cotton ball with this magical beauty enhancer and you will see its major differences in days. Accordingly, if you want your thyroid to function properly a coconut oil should be a part of your usual health regimen. An oil like this can be used as a sunscreen too. Further, if you want to avoid a burning sensation you can simply apply this before you are about to expose your-self in the sun.

In addition, it is highly recommended as a topical massage oil. Meanwhile, a coconut oil’s high lauric acid and MCFA content helps boost metabolism. You can use this as a body scrub when mixed together with sugar. Lastly, you can use this to moisturize your lips. It’s entirely different story when this natural oil begins to enhance your overall well-being.

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