It is indeed certain that life is not all a bed of roses. There are times when you seem to have done everything; however, fate and destiny did not smile on you. This was the devastating generalization of the famous and a clique of achievers like the sensational College Football Alabama. In summation, the heart pounding game of CFA has given them a dose of their own medicine in a positive way.

Ole Miss downed College Football like a raging warrior.

Ole Miss downed College Football like a raging warrior.

A fighting and raging Ole Miss has perfectly distracted the winning steaks of the Alabama Football team. The emerging victor got the chance to do the most crucial touchdown with exactly 2:54 left on the clock. According to a notable sports analyst, it had unconsciously defeated Alabama because their defensive line was well-orchestrated without any taint of doubt. In the same manner, Alabama Football’s best receiver Amari Cooper was mercilessly limited to only 91 yards with no major touchdowns. Moreover, the much needed offense of Kiffin was in the same way fewer than expected, in relation to his usual high-scoring routine.

Similarly, Bad Bo had one played one of the best games in his life by giving every touchdown a sense of ultimate perfection. He even bolted a 251 yards and it was coupled with three touchdowns. More so, the Good or Bad Bo in the football field can no longer take the risk of losing his team’s momentum. In this respect, the hard-driven player had incredibly established the most amazing game plan that no football player can ever replicate. In so doing, the devastated College Football Alabama had tried to counter every move of their strongest opponent this season.

However, it was too futile. Going back, Ole Miss had possessed the right combinations of the following: Tactical skills, an optimistic frame of mind and the heart and soul of each team member to win against all odds. In a critical analysis, College Football Alabama has unconsciously fumbled with its every essential move that it badly needed to win at all cost. In addition, the team’s offense had terribly weakened like an old tree. Despite of all these unforgiving errors, everything has to be rectified to ensure that victory will not get out of their hands in their next games.

If we are to qualify the not so good performance of College Football Alabama, it goes without saying that they will never say die in the next few engagements. Of which, it seems to be the best thing to do. Essentially, College Football Alabama should think about how it feels to win their next few games without any inch of difficulty. Certainly, there is no turning back for them the next time out.

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