Our modern world today, is filled with so much complexities that are sometimes unbearable no matter what we do. In other words, there are countless and diverse debacles which are very unpredictable that make our lifestyles somehow compelled to follow a route that will create in us an even more prone persona to those sicknesses that are mysterious and lethal to the achievement of limitless productivity and satisfaction. A classic example of this is the sudden emergence of a colon polyps. Briefly, this ailment is presumed by medical experts as an ultimate catalyst of colon cancer. But before you get into a panicky mode, allow this article of ours to calm down on your adrenalin by saying that a delicious fish dietary meal plan will help you cure and prevent the polyps of the colon illness in due time. According to medical doctors, for those women across the globe who are currently suffering from this kind of disease, all they have to do is to consume at least three servings of fish on a weekly basis. Based on their recent experiment, it had revealed those women who ate more fish had lesser colon polyps than some females who did not.

This healthy and simple fish dish will lessen your health risk against colon polyps.

This healthy and simple fish dish will lessen your health risk against colon polyps.

Meanwhile, this particular research study has not yet proven the direct correlation of a seafood diet between those females who have polyps inside their colons. However, this theory about the health benefits of fish is a very significant milestone according to Dr. Edward Giovannucci, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, although he was not directly involved in the experiment. Accordingly, it was proven time and again that omega 3 and fatty acids in fish are found to be responsible in decreasing the onset of certain cancers on animals. On the other hand, this marvelous theory had mixed results on humans.

On that note, the said experimental study had made use of an approximate 5,300 participants who were asked about their fish dietary meal plan. Afterwards, they were all required to undergo a medical procedure called as colonoscopy. Subsequently, the results were objectively compared between those women without polyps who were about 1,400 in number and those 456 individuals who were positive with adenomas.

Conclusively, the findings were all crystal clear that for those people who are strictly adopting a delicious fish dietary meal plan it was found out that they are more protected against this type of cancer. On the contrary, some medical experts had also said that there is so much more to prove in the succeeding experiments as soon as possible.

Truly, science is a debatable avenue of pros and cons. Just the same, the author of this article firmly believes that a perfect and affordable fish dietary meal plan would immensely minimize the incidence of colon cancer because any type of fish has no carcinogens or whatsoever.

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