The powerful and determined Colt McCoy has magnificently gripped the situation to discuss the business matters of winning a game. He tried to control his emotions as he impressively launched the booster to clinch a two-point victory. He and his team which is no other than but the Washington Redskins had floored the Tennessee Titans for just a two-point deficit during their game last Sunday at the FedEx Field on Sunday. McCoy led his teammates during the start the second half.

Colt McCoy has given the Redskins the best of both worlds for against the Titans.

Colt McCoy has given the Redskins the best of both worlds for against the Titans.

During the opening minutes of that specific period, he was able to successfully complete an 11 of 12 passes for 128 yards and a single touchdown. Miraculously, he was not intercepted and has an average of 5 on 5 drive. Doing this, it has provided Kai Forbath a 22- yard field goal. This was during the last play of the game. Therefore, it gave the Redskins an amazing victory to do away with a disturbing losing streak. In the said game, it had began the driving force towards an endless feeling of jubilation by immediately resorting to a huddle. Therefore, it paved the way for a kind of victory that can be considered as one for the books. To attain the end result of all their endeavors, Colt McCoy had excellently developed the much needed strategic principles to be able to gain the upperhand. Thus, he said.

I looked them in the eyes and said, Hey, I’m going to do my job. You do yours, and we’re going to win this game.

In retrospect, Colt McCoy was once perceived as the anointed savior for the Cleveland. However, he lost his job before the onset of the coming months concerning particular season. Despite of this challenging trial, Colt McCoy had this to say.

This league is very unforgiving, and I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to still be able to play.

He gladly signed with the Washington Redskins last April. But somewhere, somehow he felt anxious to play for the said team. Simply because, the management and staff of his newest team had heavily invested on Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins respectively. Going back, the Redskins’ historic victory had this tale to tell.

After the interception, we decided to go with Colt. I thought after the interception — turning the ball over — we talked about accountability, ball security. That was a standard pass play that we’ve run for a long, long time, and he threw it right to him, unfortunately, and I decided to go with Colt in the second half.

To strongly sustain their momentum, Colt Redskins’ offense was perfectly placed Cousins to have two turnovers and the rest is history. Remarkably, Colt McCoy is the modern day hero of his victorious fleet that only time and destiny can reveal.

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