The famous Land of Uncle Sam will never be in any Atlas or map collections, if there is no Christopher Columbus. Thank the high heavens for the blessed day of October 12, 1492 since it has been declared as a national holiday through the years. This was the day when Christopher Columbus arrived in America. From then on, it has been alluded to as the Day of Race, Discovery Day and Fiesta Nacional.

Significantly, Columbus Day has become an official holiday in Colorado. Likewise, it has become a federal holiday in the United States. Although many had brilliantly surmised that it must be commemorated from the very day that Christopher Columbus had set foot in American soil, many governments did not think so. In retrospect, its 400th celebration hsd involved prominent people in the United States such as teachers, politicians, preachers and poets alike had used Columbus Day to fervently teach Americans about the mesmerizing ideals of patriotism without reservations. Along this juncture, there are many patriotic rituals that have been prepared and magnificently instilled for the sole benefit of social awareness.

The historic Columbus Day is being celebrated every second Monday of October every year.

The historic Columbus Day is being celebrated every second Monday of October every year.

Some of the unforgettable themes in relation to these types of rituals were the following: The unending support for wars, the lasting importance of loyalty and the unwavering celebration of what Americans refer to as social progress. Historically, the momentous occasion was celebrated in America through the immeasurable lobbying of Angelo Noce. He is known as a first generation Italian. Similarly, since the 1970’s circa this jovial holiday has been permanently celebrated every second Monday of October. Meanwhile, its first statewide day of remembrance was gloriously proclaimed by the governor of Colorado during those years by no less than Jesse F. McDonald sometime in 1905. On the other hand, there are some states which do not recognize Columbus Day.These are as follows: Hawaii, Oregon and Alaska respectively. Unfortunately, the catalytic reasons for the non-observance of this special day were not rationally disclosed. However, some historians had said that it was perhaps to preempt the impending universal expansion of the Catholic Faith. In addition, indigenous groups oppose the national observance of this national day because some of them have been treated unfairly during that time.

Also, it has been associated to ambition, self-reliance, primitivism and the so-called productive achievement. Moreover, this historic day was strangely analyzed based on the character of Christopher Columbus. On the negative side, it has been said that he had brought bondge and slavery, enormous exploitation and devstating diseases. Though it might be ironic as far these biases are concerned, there are still lots of people who regard Columbus as a hero. He has made America what is now. As a whole, there is so much to be thankful about Christopher Columbus. He painstakingly traveled a million miles away just to find a colossal and powerful country like the United States of America.

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