South African comedian Trevor Noah has been named the new host of “The Daily Show” to replace Jon Stewart, who is expected to step down from the hosting gig sometime between July and the end of the year. However, instead of celebrating his new career, Noah is facing a backlash from people, who took issue with his past jokes.

When Jon Stewart announced in February that he’d be stepping down from the show after hosting for over 15 years, a possible replacements have been considered. Lists of the potential next host have included Jason Jones, Samantha Bee, Tina Fey and Jessica Williams, since Trevor Noah is a new name, and one of the most recent additions to the Comedy Central show, having joined in December 2014, potential audience members are now asking why Trevor Noah?

Trevor Noah

South African comedian, Trevor Noah had been named the new host of “The Daily Show”.

Though Trevor Noah has performed stand-up comedy around the world, he is not widely known in the U.S. And since December 2014, he has appeared in only three segments with Jon Stewart, including ones about Ebola, Boko Haram and a game of chess.

But on Twitter, where he has had an account since 2009 and accumulated more than two million followers, the 31-year-old comedian was labeled as anti Semetic and misogynist. He often posts scornful statements that reflect his interests in popular culture, global politics and issues of race. Critics pointed to his jokes about Jewish people and women, raising questions about his taste level.

Beyond this, he is also well-known in South Africa for hosting his own late-night talk show, a radio program and the South African Music Awards. He also headlined a Showtime stand-up special last year and was the first South African comedian to appear on “The Tonight Show” and “The Late Show with David Letterman.

One of Trevor Noah controversial tweets from 2011, he came across as mocking or derisive of women, he writes: “Oh yeah the weekend. People are gonna get drunk & think that I’m sexy! -fat chicks everywhere“. Meanwhile, in a post from last year, he quotes another Twitter user who writes, “When a woman is loved correctly, she becomes 10 times the woman she was before“, to which Trevor Noah adds: “So she gets fat?”

It seems like Trevor Noah is aware of the controversy surrounding his tweets. He posted: “Twitter does not have enough characters to respond to all the characters on Twitter“, then it was deleted shortly after.

I guess people are just too selective in what they consider offensive. Remember the guy, who said that the makeup recreation of Michelle Obama resembled an ape, is this misogynist? They don’t fire that guy, because the first lady is not affected because she choose to not let stupid things offend her. I guess we should all try it some time.


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