Parenthood is not all about perfection. It is a continuous learning process. Therefore, there is no such thing as perfect parents. This means say, that they are also prone these common mistakes that they must be able to realize and correct as soon as possible for them to inculcate better values among their children.

First, they are overly stressed when their baby cries incessantly. If this happens, try to be calm in the first place because it is her or his unusual way in establishing rapport with you. However, if your baby does this time and again there might be some problems which should be aware of. Also, parents tend wake up their baby to feed them. To resolve, let your baby sleep unless he or she cries for help. Hence, if your baby get sick do not ever worry too much if a fever sets in and it is not more than 100 degrees Celsius. This will go away in due time. However, if the body temperature is more than that there is a need for you to see a doctor because your baby might have some infections to deal with as soon as possible. Proper oral hygiene in babies are often neglected by parents. Although infants are too fragile to handle, it is best to clean their gums with a wet gauze. But when your baby turns one, toothbrushing is highly recommended.

Parents must not feel stressed when their baby cries.

Parents must not feel stressed when their baby cries.

After the much delicate stage of infancy and babyhood, do not rush your kids to become a young adult a teen. Let them enjoy their childhood because this is the best time to discover them-selves through role playing and social interaction with other kids. Among the gravest and common mistakes of parents in rearing their kids is the negative attitude of unhealthy competition because of their highly competitive parents. This can be better explained when parents get angry when their kids are not achievers. Always have in mind, that our children need to work hard and be properly motivated to be the best of who they are. These are the best ways on how to teach them to aspire for something and become successful in the future. To resolve, teach them on how to compete with respect. Above anything else, instill in them how to win and lose with dignity. Common mistakes in parenting may also include not setting a good example to our children. This means that you must not impose on your children life realities that you are not doing your-self in the first place. Lastly, you must not be too strict when it comes to their scholastic performance because talents must be nurtured for future cognitive development.

These common mistakes in rearing your babies or kids to become the best of who they are, must be modified the soonest in order not to affect their personality development as a whole.

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