Cancers are like death sentences that we cannot escape, when these illnesses terribly hit anyone of us which is similar to a thunderbolt. Therefore, it is so much painful to bear for each family member of a cancer patient to see their loved one in pain and agony until the curtain of death befalls them unexpectedly. To prolong their life, there are various medical means which are extensively introduced to millions despite of the bitter reality that it had side effects insofar as their physiological constitutions and mechanisms are concerned. For instance, radiation therapy harms and affects the immune system. Also, chemotherapy sessions can induce too much body pains and vomitting if the patient will undergo this uncertain and lethal medical procedures in treating advanced cancers.

Divine healing and terminal cancers do they jive together?

Divine healing and terminal cancers do they jive together?

But, those patients with advanced cancers must not despair. There’s a genius doctor who said that the natural mode of healing can gradually free victims of Stage 3 cancer if they are more than willing to get well. In the world-renowned book of Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD, which is entitled Anticancer: A New Way of Life, he had further discussed as to how he was able to prolong his lifespan by God’s grace. This brilliant doctor had a brain tumor but he triumphantly survived without any major operation. Treatment wise, he tried boosting his immune system. He ate spicy food and tried all other alternative forms of medication that he had discovered many years back. From then on, his inflammations were dramatically reduced to a certain level. Above anything else, he was able to achieve a balanced heart, mind and spirit. In other developments, another astonishing and dynamic doctor whose name is Dr. Kelly Turner, PhD, had written a book entitled, Radical Remission, it had significantly revealed the role of divine healing in addressing advanced cancers.

Although their fascinating and awesome techniques were not revealed, one thing is very certain. There are many inexpressible phenomena which have no scientific explanations. But then again, if God will intervene there is no such thing as next to impossible. Divine healing and these advanced cancers have been alluded to as illusions of those people who have not yet seen God’s Mighty Hand and Omnipotence. On the contrary, the Holy Scriptures say that Nothing is impossible in God. This seems to be the formidable foundation of Divine healing which can never contested through time and space. Meanwhile, these advanced cancers should be critically managed by the so-called willpower and human instinct. Every cancer survivor has the need to fulfill what it takes to become whole again. It is the synergy of Faith, Love and Trust in the Almighty to finally rebuke these advanced cancers for good.

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