The ever-evolving architectural ingenuity of man has beautifully created a new masterpiece, which is currently considered as one of the newest tourist attractions in the Philippines specifically in the serene province of Cavite. This is the spiritually nourishing Convent of Santa Cruz, which is basically an auxiliary structure of an ancient Roman Catholic Church that is strategically located in Barangay Poblacion 1. Historically, the former Convent of Tanza was the momentous site where the former Philippine Republic president Emilio Aguinaldo and his political allies took their oath of office to faithfully serve the Filipinos without reservations. In retrospect, Aguinaldo’s newly-established government was meant to replace the Katipunan, which was founded by Andres Bonifacio.

The splendid Convent of Santa Cruz is highlighted by a wooden-made Cross, which was believed by many as miraculous according to the documented accounts of a lawyer who goes by the name of Attorney Rosario J. Valencia. Moreover, the so-called Holy Cross of Santa Cruz Convent was miraculously found in a faraway field more than two centuries ago. Purposely, it was unanimously decided to be explicitly renovated into an archive to preserve its lasting legacy to Philippine history. In effect, future generations will have a concrete idea as to what actually transpired during the political incumbency of General Emilio Aguinaldo.

Santa Cruz Convent

The historical Santa Cruz Convent in Tanza, Cavite is now a museum.

Inside the grandiose Convent of Santa Cruz, millions of tourists will have a personal glimpse of the colossal oathtaking replica of Aguinaldo and all other prominent figures in Philippine politics. Generally, the much needed renovation of the former convent was actively spearheaded by Mayor Marcus Ashley “Kuh-Kuh” Arayata, Governor Juanito Victor Remulla Jr. and their ever-supportive residents.

Speaking of its star studded inauguration, it was well attended by former Prime Minister Cesar E.A. Virata, who is now the president of Cavite Historical Society and Atty. Martin Isidro of Manila Bulletin among others. Conversely, the said event was just in time for the 117th year of the revolutionary government’s Holy Cross oath alongside with the centennial anniversary celebration of Tanza’s municipality.

Indeed, the ancient pages of Philippine history will never be forgotten as this new museum that is simply named as the Convent of Santa Cruz, will play a vital part in molding the dormant historical values of modern Filipinos. Hence, this newest tourist destination in Tanza, Cavite will always be a part of a complex political structure which has significantly defined freedom and sovereignty in the most special ways.

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