Religions and other ideological beliefs can greatly influence somebody to aspire for another endeavor that can change one’s life forever. This statement fittingly suits the likes of Corita Kent. During her fruitful lifetime, she was humbly known as Sister Corita Kent. But fate and destiny took her to another equally exciting horizon of becoming an artist in her own right.

Sister Corita Kent was a Catholic nun turned artist.

Sister Corita Kent was a Catholic nun turned artist.

In 1936, she has decided to become a nun of the Catholic Faith. Then, she took up art classes and got a masteral degree in art history. Over the years, Corita Kent was given the position of becoming a chairman of the art history department at the Immaculate Heart College. For some of obvious reason, Sister Kent had left the Order and she has decided to become a full-fledged artist. As such, she was best known for her silkscreen masterpieces. Also, the former nun had somewhat gained an unprecedented popularity through her spiritual writings which made use of colorful and impressive symbols as well as the so-called consumerist culture. After she had peacefully joined our Creator in 1986, her lasting legacies were vividly remembered by those people whom she had touched for so many years, the world over. Among her social advocacies were her untiring commitment to social justice, hope and world peace. She was humbly born in France in 1918 in Fort Dodge Iowa.

However, she grew up in Los Angeles prior to the fulfillment of her spiritual vocation. After four years, she was sent to British Columbia for a teaching stint in grade school. Then, she was asked to teach art classes at the Immaculate Heart College. Proudly, Sister Kent had exhibited her first ever silkscreen print. This was in 1951. A year later, she had excellently did another classic work of art which was captivatingly titled as The Lord is with Thee. It was adjudged as first placer in the printmaking category at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and at the California State Fair. Descriptively, her early creations for the glory and sake of art were mostly iconographic in nature and form.

To begin with, she had taken inspirations from the Holy Scriptures when it comes to her larger than life paintings. But in the 1960’s,she had tried another theme. It was beautifully taken from pop culture. Best examples of these are famous slogans for advertising and song lyrics to name a few. On the contrary, her paintings about justice during the Vietnam War were not that well-received. Ultimately, the legendary works of Sister Corita Kent were her fantastic outlets for her activism agendas. In her own words she said.

I am not brave enough not to pay my income tax and risk going to jail. But i can rather freely what I want in my art.

It is with deep pride and jubilation, that we have come to know briefly about the life and times of Corita Kent.

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