Human evolution has excellently mastered on how to harmonize itself with holisticism. But, many of us do not exactly know what this is all about. To define, it is a general attribute or term which mainly focuses on the following essential paradigms of human existence: Good or perfect relationship with the universe, the total eradication of selfishness and last but not the least, a holistic lifestyle deals with how humans carry themselves without causing harm to others and most importantly, himself and to God. In my two decades of paranormal practice, it has been a common knowledge that most sicknesses in man are caused by the lack of a holistic lifestyle which tends to greatly influence the influx of unbearable miseries and so much pain.

The creation of a holistic lifestyle, is simply being harmonious with the universe, the people around you and with God.

The creation of a holistic lifestyle, is simply being harmonious with the universe, the people around you and with God.

Oftentimes, we only perceive Mother Earth as a simple habitat which marvelously cradles all those things that have been created by God through His blissful image and likeness. In effect, we do not seem to care so deeply for our planet because we are extremely preoccupied by the demands of everyday living. But as soon as natural calamities deluge our helpless haven, every single creation is is in disarray. To resolve, the comprehensive principles of a holistic lifestyle enable all of us to devise our own unique ways or approaches on how to care for the world we live in. Like for instance, global leaders must always see to it that they will allocate millions of for those easy to adopt agendas in relation their effort in saving the earth from unwanted destructions.

Spiritually, we must also learn on how to cleanse our world as a result of man’s inequities. Yes, you heard it right. There is a secret formula on how to make our habitat untainted from those worldly desires of man. The secret? Meditation. As we pray and meditate every 3:00 A.M., God listens and opens the doors of heaven to hear and grant our pleas. As for the steps on how to this spiritual meditation, here they are.

Steps on How to Do a Spiritual Meditation

These are the the three easy steps on how to do a spiritual meditation, every 3:00 o’clock A.M.

  1. Light the following colors of candles. Blue, white, green and yellow. Always be reminded that each of one these corresponds to our habitat, soul and spirit, the flow of harmony, good karma as well as the abounding flow of peace and around and within you.
  2. Pray to the 24 elders in Heaven, together with all the angels that surround the earth during that time.
  3. Make a wish to your guardian angel and read the first verse of Genesis in the Holy Bible.

Speaking of your interpersonal relationship with other people, the creation of a holistic lifestyle involves developing an attitude which sees only the goodness of other people whether you personally know them or not. In this way, you are going to positively attract an energy that will eradicate all those negative feelings in you. Moreover, constantly think of them as assets and not as liabilities. Ultimately, have a forgiving heart all your life.

Lastly, the magnificent principle in having a holistic lifestyle is by eating the freshest vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. Conversely, engage yourself in a yoga class which will promote the flourishing of a healthy mind, body and soul. Once you have memorized all of these physical and spiritual techniques, there is no doubt that you will live longer with a happy and satisfied way of life.

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