In the evolving world of Philippine politics, electoral fraud has been constantly alluded to as an orchestrated mechanism of those politicians who swiftly desire to be on top regardless of their dirty tactics or whatsoever. As a result, the Philippines is becoming as a sacrificial lamb since time immemorial. At last, there is one brilliant and noble senator who has courageously come out in the open to finally put an end to this morally degrading way of life among those aspiring public servants who wanted to have power through illegal means. Senator Grace Poe the daughter of Fernando Poe, Jr. celebrated the 75th birthday of the King of Philippine Cinema with a thanksgiving mass at the Manila North Cemetery.

Senator Grace Poe vows to fight electoral fraud in honor of FPJ

Senator Grace Poe vows to fight electoral fraud in honor of FPJ

She was with her husband, Neil Llamanzares. During that momentous occasion, the dynamic lawmaker plans to pursue her quest against electoral fraud in which she believes is the greatest legacy of the action king. Conversely, she has presumed that widespread and anomalous cheating of the Arroyo administration paved the way for her father’s defeat in the 2004 presidential elections. In the said joyous commemoration of FPJ’s birthday, she wholeheartedly thanked her dad’s millions of supporters from the very day that he entered the glamorous and intriguing world of Philippine Showbiz. Accordingly, Poe said in her sincerest act of gratitude, We wholeheartedly give thanks to all of you who still remembers and loves FPJ. Senator Grace Poe further continued by saying :The important thing is the legacy of what happened in 2004. And I’m taking an active part in the electoral reform process.

To vividly recall FPJ’s birthday, let this website provide you with a brief overview of his illustrious showbiz career. Fernando Poe, Jr is Ronald Allan Poe in real life. He was born in Manila in 1939. Due to his box-office movie hits, he was deservingly given the one and only distinction as the King of Philippine Cinema. Poe entered Philippine politics in 2004, when he was pitted against former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. At the time of his death, millions had mourned and they regarded him as the Hero of the Filipino masses..

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