Since the dawn of modern civilization and social revolution, many drastic but significant changes have remarkably transpired, to make our lives much easier and completely flexible at the same time. In this complex and abounding dynamics of social progression, the Cyber Age has become the most reliable and swiftest medium of information that has tumultuously created a versatile manner of binding people from different walks of life, regardless of time and space. Having the rare opportunity to write about it, gives this newly-launched website the freedom to generously impart what has to be intricately explored and to be known that would further instill its wise and responsible use in terms of these areas of cognitive enhancement, psycho-social development and maturation. By definition, Cyber Age is the advent of modern technology by making use of sophisticated gadgets to enhance stronger social relationships between other people and your loved ones; which would perfectly foster the establishment of a unified and participatory cyber community that never experiences the humdrums of everyday life.

There is so much more to discover about Cyber Age. According to the colorful pages of science, there is no such word in the multifarious vocabulary of man at first. In short, this amazing confabulation only circulated around the world when it was dubbed as a “science fiction literature” by those well-known groups of professionals and other techie hobbyists. But in the post era of 1980’s cyberspace has become a household term around the globe. Needless to say, the proliferation of internet usage, networking system and most likely, the prelude of digital communications have impeccably impressed the analytic minds of people with regards to the concept of technological advancements without question. Moreover, Cyber Age was able to make its significant and unquantifiable representations when one speaks of the different flows of ideas and scientific phenomenon in our midst. Did you know that the word “cyberspace” was derived from its paternal origin, cybernetics? This is an ancient Greek word that means a pilot, steersman or a governor. As a whole, it was momentously provided with a unique dimension on its own by Norbert Wiener, a notable legend for his excellent works about control science and electronic communications.

This is where my creative passion's laurels of success lies.

This is where my creative passion’s laurels of success lies.

As a social catalyst and stimulus, the innovative genre of Cyber Age easily makes an avenue in allowing the creative and diverse minds of people to converge and interact with one another, to freely share some vital information without prejudice and most importantly, to do legal and noble business with just a click of their fingertips. From then on, the versatility and flexibility of this dynamic realm of scientific knowledge is best exhibited in the immediate provision of an unconditional support in times of calamities and other inevitable situations, within our democratic and responsive societal mainstreams. On the contrary, some cyberspace developers and users have deliberately abused the unlimited access to some frequently visited websites such as Facebook and Twitter. In effect, the malicious and abusive posts of those people who can be aptly characterized as “social deviants” have adversely affected the healthy psychological well-beings of those persons who are only making themselves the “BEST OF WHO THEY ARE” by employing the same kind of modern technology.

Although there are specific laws that are now being strictly implemented in relation to Cyber Age, these statuettes do not suffice the mechanisms that will finally put an end to those countless and vicious cases of cyberspace hacking and bullying. In a more objective analysis, there should be a more stringent measure that will totally ensure the utmost security and safety of those individuals who magnificently dubbed the Cyber Age as the “unique extension of their personalities” that paved the route towards the achievement of a more engaging and harmonious interpersonal attitude and behavior by merely making themselves a dynamo of social change without leaving their gratifying comfort zones.

Indeed, there are three ultimate bottom lines in the employment of Cyber Age. The first one is UNIVERSAL RESPONSIBILITY, Next, is the PROMOTION OF A UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS and lastly, to highly regard the value or essence of UNIVERSAL UNITY AND CAMARADERIE; thereby, transcending Mother Earth into a glaring pedestal where LOVE AND PEACE reigns among her superb and marvelous creations, that none of us can ever replicate.

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