Any sport will never be exciting without an adrenalin pumping overtime. The ever dynamic and agile Dallas Cowboys downed the incredible team of Texans in crucial overtime. And guess, who was the man of the hour. It was no other than but the legendary tactician of the Texans Tony Romo. To make sure that their most impressive route to victory is in the bag, he excellently made that his prolific and extra moves will make a long and winding touchdown without turning back.

Dallas Cowboys has overpowered the Texans in overtime.

Dallas Cowboys has overpowered the Texans in overtime.

He amazingly inched his way to make his team proud, despite of the fact that he had a very tedious surgery on his back. In that particular game, he made another one-of-a-kind shot with a subtle off balance move. This had all had happened in an overtime. In addition, Dez Bryant’s gracious and magical catch has prevented the Dallas Cowboys from losing their much needed momentum for the said historic game between these two teams. Significantly, Bryant’s attempt of a jump-ball had set up Dan Bailey’s 49-yard field goal. Luckily, the Dallas Cowboys had bounced back from a 10-point lead to finally crush the Texans to clinch a historic victory. The final score was at 20-17. According to one of the key players of Dallas Cowboys.

Just got to come down with it, come down with it, That’s something I always tell Tony. If the ball is in the air, I’m going to try my best to come down with it.

Despite of the Texans move to somehow gain the edge over their staunch competitor in the last two minutes of the game, their efforts did not suffice to beat their worst nemesis for the season. Ultimately, the Dallas Cowboys prevailed. Based on the statement of Dallas Cowboys’ star player, Romo jubilantly said.

We had to go down and basically win the game twice. You just put your work hat on and go out and execute.

In the historic milestone of international football, the Dallas Cowboys had their fourth straight victory in the last three hours. On the contrary, the Texans said in all regret.

Football is a brutal game. It’s brutal on your body. It’s brutal on your emotions. To fight back the way we did, to show that resilience, it was good to see. But at the end of the day, we lost the game.

Meanwhile, the dashing NFL leader DeMarco Murray had a total of 136 yards to undoubtedly seal in the victory for his team. There were times when the never say die Texans had tried to connect and convert a significant fourth down by forcing a drive on Randy Bullock’s 29-yard. Consequently, they got possession of the ball with just 32 seconds left on the game clock. Thus, a major touchdown was made by Foster. But, it was unfortunate that their winning streak was cut short by Cowboy Dallas.

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