The glittering and glamorous world of entertainment, will never be the same again without the much anticipated dancing search competition which is widely recognized as Dancing with the Stars. It is very unfortunate that it’s going to have its final telecast tonight. In this respect, the one and only King and Queen of this much sought after dancing prowess contest will be proudly announced just like in any other rivalry for the best dancing shoes for its Season 19 episode. Apart from this very exciting segment, it is most likely expected by millions of its viewers from across the globe as to how the brilliant and dynamic producers of the show would be able to magically extend it for more than two hours based on ts regular airtime.

Dancing with the Stars' contender Alfonso Ribeiro is one of the hottest crowd favorites for Season 19.

Dancing with the Stars’ contender Alfonso Ribeiro is one of the hottest crowd favorites for Season 19.

If this would be made possible, this will primarily include its equally thrilling Road to the Finals which will grandiosely be a one-of-a-kind presentation in a primetime slot. Interestingly, the next question which could pop up in our mind is that Who would bring home The Mirror Ball Trophy? Would it deservingly go to Val Chmerkovskiy? Sadie’s Quack Pack? or Alfonso Ribeiro who had managed to pull it all through despite of his groin injury? Of course, we all need to recap the best and glamorous highlights of DWTS. Let’s start off with Nick Jonas which is otherwise known as the The Most Relevant Jonas. He proudly graced the most competitive show of the year by belting out his latest hit around town. Next in line, is no other than but Allison Holker and Jonathan Bennett. Incidentally, the former was a new addition to the group. She had danced for several nights in DWTS alongside with debonair and groovy husband Stephen Twitch Boss.

Similarly, Jennifer Hudson has given Dancing with the Stars a new media mileage by magnificently adopting lots of those Jennifer’s in Hollywood. But, in the previous episodes of this extremely sensational dancing revelry she’s far beyond a singer as compared to all the female J’s in the international music scene. Moreover, Betsy Hudson and Tony Dovolani had time and again made a repetition of her favorite Madonna hit, Material Girl. Prior to the end of this classic disco song, she had tremendously committed a full split of which somewhere, somehow would give cute shivers to her adorable grandchildren and perhaps to the next generation of her ancient genealogy.

In addition to this, another great performer who was very much willing to accept this once in lifetime challenge is nonetheless Michael Waltrip alongside with her ever alluring partner, Emma Slater. If your memory will serve you right, he is a certified NASCAR driver who had chosen to repeat his Born to Be Wild masterpiece for some unknown reason.

Conclusively, the magnanimous victors of Dancing with the Stars will definitely become one of the most stylish and analytic competitors who care less about them-selves just for the sake of winning.

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