A famous celebrity and an exclusive member of Juan Direction here in the Philippines, got involved in a mauling incident which involved a cabbie who goes by the name of Edward Villanueva. He has accused the gorgeous Daniel Mars of damaging his vehicle just the same. According to his interview with a leading broadsheet in the country, Marsh rode his taxi at around 5:00 A.M. in front of the Prive Luxury Club at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City. After which, the said TV personality has requested the driver to take him to Tivoli Garden Residences somewhere in Mandaluyong City. While they were traveling, the said TV host said that he accidentally lost his wallet and asked Villanueva then for a free ride.

Nevertheless, when they arrived to their final destination Marsh asked for the total fare. Then, Villanueva said that it was only Php 70.50 Marsh insisted that the said trip was for free. Then, the driver gave him a negative reply. Upon paying Php 100.00, the celebrity allegedly kicked the vehicle and slammed the door.

TV personality Daniel Marsh allegedly mauled a taxi driver over taxi fare.

TV personality Daniel Marsh allegedly mauled a taxi driver over taxi fare.

As a result, Villanueva alighted from his taxi. But before he could have done something to defend him-self, Marsh gave him a straight punch on his face as well as to his body. Also, the celebrity flared up and shouted some unkind words against the driver. Due to courtesy, Villanueva did not retaliate. He said that Marsh was presumably drunk at that time. As the commotion got worse, residents within the vicinity attempted to pacify the foreigner but it had become futile. Meanwhile, a resident confirmed the driver’s version of the story. Accordingly, Daniel Marsh reportedly said.

You’re trying to rip me off, who are you? You’re nothing, you don’t know me, don’t f**k with me!

On the other hand, Daniel Marsh denied that he refused to pay the driver and he even claimed that he was traumatized by the said incident. He even lamented.

He was really insisting on it. But that was way too much, seriously.

Marsh said that the driver was asking so much as far as the said taxi fare was concerned. He even asserted that

I don’t believe a person should do that whether he’s a taxi driver or anyone,” he added. “This is not about taxi drivers; this is about a person trying to exploit someone because he thought I was a foreigner.

Reports did not say if the said driver will press charges against Marsh or vice versa.

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