“Daniel Padilla Live” Rocks Araneta Coliseum

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“Daniel Padilla Live” will rock the Big Dome on the 30th day of April 2014 at 7:30 P.M. This hottest teen sensation of today, will openly reveal the “rocker side of him” without hesitations. The “Daniel Padilla Live” concert is the most endearing and special way of saying “thank you” to all of his fans across the globe, who have lovingly showed him their sweetest manifestations of care, love and support in all of his endeavors in life ever since he started in show business several years back. According to this youngest television actor of his generation, “I’ll do everything to make the show successful”. Likewise, the star-studded “Daniel Padilla Live” is my gift to my fans. We’ll just enjoy on that day.” He said.

"Daniel Padilla Live" will heat up the stage of Araneta Coliseum on April 30, 2014.

“Daniel Padilla Live” will heat up the stage of Araneta Coliseum on April 30, 2014.

As expected, the multi-million peso “Daniel Padilla Live” solo performance will remarkably prove that he is not only a versatile actor but also, a talented singer who excellently knows about this artistic craft within the depths of his untainted soul from the very day that he was born. Moreover, this gyrating natal concert of his will be one of Daniel Padilla’s unforgettable milestones in his promising career as an actor and a singer because the explosive Daniel Padilla Live” concert will really inspire every young and old spectator alike to make the most out his or her potentials; thereby, making a major difference in the near future without fear.

Hence, the catapulting fame and popularity of Daniel Padilla would be critically gauged in the upcoming “Daniel Padilla Live” concert by means of his inherent charm and charisma as well as Daniel’s magnificent gift and wisdom in relation to his ultimate desire to hum a tune before millions of people who genially recognize what quality entertainment is all about. Will Daniel Padilla, be the next “Justin Bieber of the Philippines”? Let us all wait and see, as the “Daniel Padilla Live” in concert slowly unfolds all those excitements and thrills that you have never experienced before barely a month from now. Be there, when it happens!

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