Daniel Padilla’s Blessed Life

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Just like any other ordinary individual whose life is a like a TV soap opera and the role he dearly possess by heart, Daniel Padilla has lived the hard way before the glare of stardom has attracted his indescribable charm and charisma, which he and his family are enjoying right now to the fullest extent. In the recent issue of StarStudio Magazine, he has generously shared with its avid readers and to everyone who had known him personally and all about the immeasurable fruits of his labor from his multi-million showbiz earnings. Currently, he has a five- bedroom house with a huge garage that can safely house almost four expensive cars in a row. This royal-like mansion of the famous teen heartthrob, is somewhere located in Commonwealth Quezon City, Philippines.

Teen heartthrob Daniel Padilla has really gone a long, long way, with his newly-built house in Commonwealth, QC.

Teen heartthrob Daniel Padilla has really gone a long, long way, with his newly-built house in Commonwealth, QC.

Prior to his illustrious career in Philippine Showbiz, Daniel Padilla and his family had transferred from one apartment to another. However, these bitter and challenging experiences of his had paved the way for this very humble guy to meet new people along way. Best of all, he never dared to ask his very supportive mother in the person of former sexy star Karla Estrada about their situation.

According to Daniel, he had also gone to a point when it was totally dark inside their rented apartment because they were unable to settle their electric bill. Worst of all, there was an inadequate food supply for their daily subsistence. From then on, he has promised him-self to help his mom the best way that he can. More so, he will never allow his siblings to experience what they had been through in the past.

Going back, Daniel Padilla did not have a much easier route as far as his debut into the complex world of local entertainment is concerned. In fact, her doting mom had called her former showbiz colleagues to help her adorable son to be discovered in the long run. One day, Daniel had tried a series of auditions in the past. Unfortunately, he did not make it. Nevertheless, God’s powerful hands and overflowing blessings moved in mysterious ways to make his dream come true. Former talent manager Douglas Quijano had suddenly visited his mom. There, he spotted the hidden charisma of Daniel Padilla and the rest is history.

Truly, Daniel Padilla is a genuine warrior in his exciting and melodramatic journey in this thing called life.

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