In the past few weeks, the Filipino nation seems to be wondering if President Benigno Aquino III is really maneuvering for a second term or not. Along this juncture, it looks like everything is crystal clear when the Department of Budget and Management did not allocate any single cent for a Charter Change. This was divulged by COMELEC last Thursday. The said Php 7 billion was meant for plebiscite a year from now.

Will President Noynoy Aquino be on the campaign trail once again after Charter Change?

Will President Noynoy Aquino be on the campaign trail once again after Charter Change?

Apart from this, the Commission on Elections is earnestly asking the House of Representatives for another 16.9 billion pesos. Despite of this, COMELEC chair Sixto Brillantes,Jr. has clarified that the present administration can still pursue with Charter Change if the government will propose some amendments for the 1987 Philippine Constitution through a Constitutional Assembly. According to Brillantes,

If Congress will convert itself into a Constitutional Assembly, then [Charter change] is still possible.

Generally, a Constitutional Assembly will first elect its distinguished delegates and a substantial debate will soon follow. Also, it will take sometime before it can be fruitfully accomplished. Therefore, the chances for a Charter Change is so bleak and remote. On the other hand, for those lawmakers who are gearing for Aquino’s second term will try to introduce the constitutional amendments before 2016. To date, Speaker Feliciano Belmonte and his allies have filed a Resolution of Both Houses.

In essence, the focal points of RBH says that these constitutional amendments will only be drafted if they would garner about 3/4 of the votes from the Senate and in the House of Representatives. Of all these mysterious political orchestrations, it is much safer to say that destiny has the final blessing of whether or not Charter Change will pave the way for the second term of President Aquino.

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