Our lives have never been free of stress. It only has different forms or causative factors. As we reach a certain age of our existence, we are are always longing for those days wherein we should be carefree at times like a child. However, most of us are filled with anxieties and worries that can eventually lead to illnesses and deaths of which we will tearfully regret.

A walk in the park is an inexpensive de stressing technique.

A walk in the park is an inexpensive de stressing technique.

But have you ever heard of de stressing techniques which will be of great help to you in situations wherein you will be engulfed with unbearable conflicts and frustrations? To begin with, psychologists and medical practitioners alike do recommend that taking a walk would make you feel better when the world walks out on you. Ideally, a ten-minute stroll will do. According to experts, this de stressing technique will clear your mind and then it will release a chemical called as endorphins. These are antidotes to your destructive stress hormones. Feel free and one with nature and you are unmistakably on the right track. Whenever you cannot do this, you just have to find a relaxing view where green is the most dominant color. You may not believe this but a cute plant can easily calm you down. In a research which was conducted by the Washington State University. it has magnificently proven that plants can effectively minimize one’s anxiety. Thus, this will reduce your blood pressure to certain levels.

When you feel stressed, one of the easiest de stressing techniques that you should do is to do the quick breathing exercises. This was one of the oldest techniques used since 3,000 years ago by those dependable Ayurvedic practitioners. Deep breathing is essential because it dramatically stimulates your parasympathetic reactions inside your body. Moreover, shallow and quick breathing does not allow our body to get enough oxygen and is considered as a fight or flight reaction by our brains, thus provoking stress. Chew a gum when you have lots of things to resolve in life. According to Andrew Scholey from Swinburne University in Melbourne, using a chewing gum while balancing numerous tasks improves overall attentiveness and effectiveness. In a scientific study, gum chewers were found out that they were able to reduce anxiety by 17% during mild stress and 10% in moderate stress situations compared to non-chewers.

Smile fights stress. According to the so-called facial feedback theory of emotion, it states that our brains constantly analyze changes in our body from posture and muscle pressure to facial expression, thus judging how you actually feel right now. To further expound, if you are to pretend that you are happy you will be in that state in reality. These de stressing techniques do not ever require much effort. It’s just your willingness to do so.

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