Surigao’s inherent beauty and wonders is not only just about the great blue waves that are very much ideal for your thrilling and adventurous water exploration. In case you did not know, Siargao has also been blessed with a captivating island and resort that is simply named as Dedon Island. It has been christened as such because it speaks about the exemplary improvisation as well as the youthful inspiration towards a new breed of fun and holistic experiences; which allows every traveler to be feel the love and the warmth of their homes, no matter how miles apart they are. Best of all, this archipelago presents the marvelous and enriching new ideas which make the old and stereotyped conventions merely things of the past.

Dedon Island in Surigao.

Dedon Island in Surigao.

Through the years, it was adjudged as the as the newest and most sensational beach resort in the southern territorial boundaries of the Philippines. Previously, this one-of-a-kind tourist hot spot was previously known as the “Pansukian Resort”. This is proudly owned by a French entrepreneur, Nicolas Rambeau. His keen interest in building his own fantasy world in the Pearl of the Orient Seas all started when he humbly created only one cottage on the sandy blue beach of Siargao. From then on, he had become more engrossed in architecturally fashioning additional cottages with luxurious villas to fulfill the genial purpose of inviting some of his closest friends. Furthermore, the very impressive architectural prototype of those villas in Dedon Island is composed of multitiered thatch roof lines which have also the magnificent conglomerations of both the Thau and Balinese architectural perfections. To make everything world-class, Rambeau tried his very best to provide the sophisticated and goal driven training strategies for his entire resort staff in the mystifying Island of Dedon over the years. Therefore, every customer can expect the most friendly and innovative service; that they never dared to have tasted before. Though the island exudes a reflection that is aptly suited for the rich and famous and Philippine jetsetters, it beautifully endowed with a mystical form and touch that can never be compromised through the years.

Every business endeavor has an embracing philosophy that has to be followed with unconditional love and care, that will never wither through time and space. The exciting outdoor activities of your family and friends will undoubtedly level up to a new hype as the archipelago was enigmatically designed by Jean Marie Massaud together with Daniel Pouzet. Aside from its finest and state of the art villas, there are pagodas and lounges that unmistakably befit its royal visitors. To date, the architectural artistry behind the beauty and wonders of Dedon Island efficiently used local materials. These things had silently blended with the sultry and peaceful environment of Siargao. As a result, it has soothed and caressed the distinguishing demarcation lines between outdoor and indoor forms of recreations. In other words, the Island of Dedon was lovingly conceptualized to let yourself be one with nature as you slowly immerse into the realms of a world; that is unperturbed and dynamic each day of the year. Services wise, they are constantly available for your ultimate satisfaction and enjoyment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Mystical Charm of Dedon Island

This remarkable archipelago happily offers everyone a vacation trip of a lifetime, from the majestic Dedon Island. It has the following features that will always leave you breathless every time you go there. First and foremost, you can treat yourself with a massage that will definitely let your lethargic body scream in ecstasy as every inch of it is relieved after a stressful day in the office. In addition, if you want to cool your body from the scorching summer heat, why not try dipping in its clean and refreshing swimming pool? From there, you can intently observe the ocean as it changes its subtle colors from time to time. As the sun goes down and gives way for a fruitful night, visitors will never get bored as they have multifarious options of trying out an outdoor movie watching rendezvous.

Superb Accommodations

The illustrious concept of Dedon archipelago and beach resort has built a wide array of exotic and personal havens that would take you to a wonderland of dreams and nights of unceasing tranquility. To name a few of these elegant and fully-furnished rooms, the formidable and staunch kingship of owners this splendid vacation hub has thought of providing their fast growing number of clientele in the Philippines many diverse types of premiere accommodations to suit their needs and budget. They humbly take pride in presenting these private nooks in an avant garde wholeness to make every guest of theirs a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON. In a random, these are briefly enumerated below:

  • De Luxe Villa- Unlike the first one, this posh villa is described to be a two-storey haven which has a soft and comfy king-sized bed, that can be found in the island’s ground floor. Additionally, there are two niches in the island’s lounges which, just like the first type of villa can be made into single beds. Amazingly, the prominent features of this room is an upfront façade which is entirely made of glass, an outdoor shower and last but not the least, you will be surprised to know that it has a cooling system which never goes out of order day in and day out
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  • Superior Family Villa- This temporary abode perfectly suits a family of 3 or 4. Features wise, it has a king-bed located in the first quarter as well as dual lounges and niches that can be magically made into single beds. On the other hand, the second bedroom of the Superior Family Villa is simply equipped with a single lounge niche that can be turned into one bed. Speaking of its fabulous amenities, these villas are built with efficient aircons, private porch and a panoramic view, that is truly superb and unforgettable
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The Dedon Island in Siargao is a miraculous transcendence of a natural resource that was once a byproduct of an unperturbed dreamer’s creative imagination. Now, that it has turned into a colorful reality, who would not dare visit this alluring paradise in the South?

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