The spectacular player and catalyst of Dallas Cowboys DeMarco Murray has proudly instituted a new RB record that perhaps nobody can ever replicate. In turn, it astonishingly made him one of the timeless Hall of Famers alongside with Jim Brown and Emmitt Smith among others. His impeccable feat happened during their last Sunday’s game with the Giants with a final score of 31-21. According to game stats, Murray was the first-player of NFL to dominate the territory of the 100 yards record which had been exceptionally accomplished in the first of seven games in a given series.

Demarco Murray unleashes his might and agility to earn a prestigious Hall of Famer accolade.

Demarco Murray unleashes his might and agility to earn a prestigious Hall of Famer accolade.

As a result, Murray was able to successfully accomplish his 128 yards on 28 carries. In addition, he had a single. Ultimately, it gave him the Hall of Famer Award from the National Football League. As far as their victory was concerned, Murray has this to say.

I think we did this as a group. Sprinkling around praise for his offensive line. So it’s hard for me to accept this individually, and I definitely wish those guys were here. But they’re a huge part of this, [along with] the tight ends, the receivers, the entire coaching staff. But I definitely give a lot of credit to those guys, and I’m blessed to be mentioned with that, but there’s a lot of hard work that needs to be done. It’s a long season.

Incidentally, DeMarco Murray is geared towards making about 2,086 yards which is just a little behind the pace of another star player in the person of Eric Dickerson. Dickerson had much more than that impressive record of Murray. In essence, his present pace and trend are quite good indicators that he would be one of the best candidates as a player who was able to make the most number of yards per season. According to the personal viewpoints of coach Jason Garrett

DeMarco’s just doing a fantastic job for us. He’s seeing softness in the defense. He’s feeling things. He’s getting north and south. He’s finishing runs. Sometimes when it’s 2, 1, 2, 1, 3 [yards], a back can get frustrated, but he’s still believing in the runs and making sure he’s giving every one of them a chance. As the game goes on, you see him having more and more success.

All these years, DeMarco was able to cap his illustrious career by exceeding the 100-yard mark on the first strategic play of the 4th quarter, this time with a one yard run. Truly, there is so much to look forward to as far as the future performances of DeMarco Murray. Given this, he would definitely provide NFL a new look which is nonetheless the Fount of Champions.

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