Deniece Cornejo and her co-accused in the case that was filed by TV personality Vhong Navarro will be temporarily be out on bail as soon as they were able to post it as deemed necessary by Philippine court. This was the final decision of the Taguig Regional Trial Court. Based the 72-paged decision of Judge Paz Esperanza Cortes it had stated that although Vhong Navarro’s camp was able to establish a probable cause on the said case, the prosecution was not able to submit a strong and an unshakeable evidence that their concept of illegal detention was as serious as the one in a kidnapping case. As far as their bail is concerned, the Taguig Regional Trial Court has set a Php 500,000 bail for Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee and Zimmer Raz.

ommercial model Deniece Cornejo will be temporarily out on bail.

Commercial model Deniece Cornejo will be temporarily out on bail.

Along this juncture the legal counsel of Cornejo in the person of Salvador Panelo had said that they were really expecting that a bail will be finally granted in the soonest time possible. In jubilation, Atty. Panelo said.

From the very start, if you remember, we said that we were so confident that the accused would be granted bail.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of Zimmer Raz also commented.

This is a big step in proving what we have been reiterating from the inception of this case which is the truth—that our clients are innocent of the charges against them.

On the other hand, the lead counsel of Vhong Navarro has said that they were caught by surprise with the decision of the court. Therefore, Atty. Alma Mallonga will file a motion of reconsideration insofar as their first legal battle setback is concerned. In lieu of this, Mallonga said that they are very much confident of the evidences that they had presented in court, and that includes the CCTV footage that they have turned over to the Taguig Regional Trial Court as one of their evidences.

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