The controversial and beleaguered commercial model, Deniece Cornejo has courageously admitted that she was totally incapacitated to defend herself despite of the fact that she is a “certified martial arts expert”. It was simply because, she was extremely tired and bewildered when actor/host Vhong Navarro allegedly raped her inside a rented condominium unit in Taguig City, Philippines. Based on her impressive personal profile, Deniece Cornejo was an ex-Southeast Asian Games taekwondo bronze medalist. However, she did not have the chance to use her martial arts expertise against his friend Vhong Navarro because she did not even expect that Vhong will do those alleged sexual advances on her.

Commercial model Deniece Cornejo, claimed that she was surprised by Navarro's sexual assault against her.

Commercial model Deniece Cornejo, claimed that she was surprised by Navarro’s sexual assault against her.

Moreover, Deniece Cornejo has accused Vhong Navarro of punching her on the stomach which caused her to become weak. Thus, the said incident had paved the way for the consummation of that particular hieneous crime that she is currently fighting for no matter what it takes. In one of her rare interviews, Deniece Cornejo bravely divulged to a popular showbiz portal that she is not in any way capitalizing on the rape case issue, just to gain an overwhelming publicity and an extremely huge media mileage. Despite of her traumatic experience, she is trying her very best to live a normal and happy life once again. To date, she is currently engaged in several motivational speaking engagements. However, Deniece Cornejo has reiterated time and again that she would be completely happy and satisfied if Navarro will languish behind bars.

Deniece Cornejo had gravely accused “Showtime’s” “Mr. Suave” of raping her several times. These all happened on January 17 and 22, 2014. As expected, the accused vehemently denied everything. Going back, the latest buzz about Deniece Cornejo is that she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease. Accordingly, Deniece Cornejo denied all these nasty rumors in her Instagram account. How far could Deniece Cornejo go? Will she be able to get the wheels of justice on her favor? Only time can tell.

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