This coming Friday, “Face The People’s” hot seat will even get hotter than ever before, when a surprise guest in the person of Deniece Cornejo’s grandma will finally make the right and extremely crucial decision of whether or not she would stand as the staunch defender of her very controversial granddaughter amidst the most perplexed rape raps against actor/comedian Vhong Navarro, or should she remain a silent witness to the issue that has bitterly ruined the personal lives and careers of those persons involved in the extremely sensationalized rape case? Deniece Cornejo’s grandma will bravely walk towards the hot seat of “Face The People” to settle this mind-boggling question for good.

Florencia Cornejo, Deniece Cornejo's grandma will bravely "Face The People"  this Friday.

Florencia Cornejo, Deniece Cornejo’s grandma will bravely “Face The People” this Friday.

According to the 63-year old Florencia Cornejo, she had barely kept silent on the said controversy because she had enough of those defamatory statements which were being hurled against their family from the very day that her granddaughter made the most shocking revelations against Navarro. For Deniece Cornejo’s grandma, the media was so unfair. In this Friday’s episode of “Face The People”, Deniece Cornejo’s grandma will experience how it feels to be on the “Face the People’s hot seat when two hard hitting entertainment columnists will strongly defend the “freedom of the press” dictum which has involved the right and duty of every reporter to write about what is true and untainted.

Among the issues that Deniece Cornejo’s grandma have to answer are the following: Deniece’s alleged plastic surgeries and a lot more. On the other hand, Deniece Cornejo’s grandma will be unconditionally defended by her loving cousin, Rufino. For him, people are so quick on making harsh judgments about others. Similarly, those well-known cause-oriented groups that are continuously fighting for the rights of women will do their own share in categorically defining what rape is all about.

In closing, will Deniece Cornejo’s grandma continue to seek justice for her beleaguered granddaughter? Find out about those thrilling answers on “Face The People” at 4:30 P.M. on TV5. Don’t miss it!

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