Comedy actor Dennis Padilla bares all his emotional pains as a loving father of young star Julia Barretto over the controversial issue of allegedly changing her real family name to what she is currently using as her screen name. Dennis says that it is too unbearable for him to know that his real surname which is Baldivia, was filed in a court petition in relation to a change of family name. As of now, Julia Barretto and his father Dennis Padilla have not seen each other for several months now due to their busy schedules. According to Dennis, he will simply abide by a court decision in the event that the said petition would be granted in time.

Comedy actor Dennis Padilla bares all his inner sentiments as a father.

Comedy actor Dennis Padilla bares all his inner sentiments as a father.

Financially, Dennis Padilla candidly admitted that as of now he hasn’t provided anything for his children with Marjorie Barretto due to his unstable showbiz career. But, as much as possible he always wanted the best for his children like an ordinary father. In lieu of his present dilemma, he has further stressed that he is a good father to his children despite of his inevitable shortcomings. As far as Julia is concerned, she remains to be mum on this very sensitive issue until now. Accordingly, Dennis says that his friends and family are giving him some pieces of advice with regards to his legal rights on the matter. A teary-eyed Dennis Padilla says that in the near future, Baldivia will only be used as a middle name of her beautiful daughter from the very day she will be married to her future husband.

Again, he earnestly hopes that Julia Barretto will only use her screen name for the said purpose. At the end of the day, Padilla would be the happiest father in the world if Julia would be able to give him honor and pride in all the things that she does. As for Marjorie, Dennis also revealed that they haven’t had a serious talk yet after almost 10 years of being together. At the end of the interview, he sincerely revealed his ardent love for his children.

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