Life’s journey has a sweet beginning and somehow, a bitter ending. Derek Jeter finally says goodbye to New York Yankees. This came after he had reached the peak of his illustrious career as a Hall of Famer. Prior to this, greatest achievement of a lifetime, the legendary skills and talent of Jeter has made it possible for his one and only team that he dearly loved through the years to standout. During his heydays, he was able to lead his comrades to victoriously clinch the World Series on a yearly basis.

Baseball superstar Derek Jeter finally says goodbye to Red Sox.

Baseball superstar Derek Jeter finally says goodbye to Red Sox.

Consequently, he became a lasting symbol of the Yankees domineering power like a stallion. Descriptively, he was one player in the league who can perfectly perform when he was said to be under pressure. As far as his enigmatic charisma, he is definitely a head turner wherever he goes. This is most specially true whenever he played baseball as if there was no tomorrow. To pay tribute to his unsurpassed legacies, he was at Fenway Park for the final series which was anticipated by millions across the globe.

According to Sports Museum’s executive director, Rusty Sullivan he could not find the right words to say for the achievements of Derek Jeter but just the same, he said in all sincerity and praises.

Since that dynamic changed, he falls into the category of respected opponent.

Comparatively, Derek Jeter was once alluded to as someone who cannot be matched to Nomar Garciaparra. But those sports analysts and critics were all wrong. Jeter, the goal- driven baseball player was able to do what it takes to bring home the bacon several times over without any inch of difficulty at all. The Yankees was able to win four championships in a row. Of all these unprecedented victories, Derek Jeter can be dubbed as a star player for all seasons and a consummate player. Did you know what makes this guy a knight in shining armor for his team? Well, he never held back his loyalty and commitment to the New York Yankees no matter what the tides might bring forth.

In other developments, Derek Jeter played his last game today for the New York Yankees with a 6-5 win over Baltimore Orioles. To catapult his last and greatest performance in baseball history, he tipped his cap many times over and powerfully-launched three runs in a row. This act of gallantry with composure made him say these words with so much happiness and contentment.

It was above and beyond anything that I’ve ever dreamt of.

Thus, Jeter continued.

I want to take something special from Yankee Stadium and the view from shortstop here tonight is what I want to take home. I’ve only played shortstop throughout my entire career and the last time I want to play was tonight.

Ultimately, his colleagues in the team says that Derek Jeter. True enough, his Midas Touch never faded until the end.


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