Derek Ramsay Admits Marriage to Mary Christine Jolly

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Action star and hunk Derek Ramsay has finally admitted that he is married to Mary Christine Jolly who had previously claimed that they tied the knot several years back in Bulacan. However, he said that as far as he knew about it the said contract was not valid and binding in the first place. In addition to this, he further disclosed that he has a son who is now 11 years old. As expected, he vehemently denied that he had culpable violations of the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act.

Hunk actor Derek Ramsay claims that he's marriage to Jolly is not valid.

Hunk actor Derek Ramsay claims that he’s marriage to Jolly is not valid.

Last Wednesday, Ramsay together with his lawyer Attorney Joji Alonso at the Makati Prosecutor’s Office to submit his counter affidavit in relation to the complaint filed by his estranged wife. Unfortunately, Jolly was not present in the said proceedings. To further sustain the veracity of his statements, Derek said.

In the Complaint-Affidavit which is replete with deliberate lies and facts intended to be misleading and deceptive, there are only two things that are true: First, that Mary Christine Jolly and I were married in 2002, a marriage that I was then told, was not valid, for various reasons. Attorney Joji Alonso has subsequently explained to me that the information given me about the status of my marriage, is erroneous and that a marriage unless annulled, remains to be valid.

Derek Ramsay says that it was already too late when he had received a confirmation that a child who is named as Austin Gabriel Ramsay is indeed a legitimate son of his. In an interview, he bravely stated.

It was only sometime in the early part of August 2011, that I was able to confirm that Austin is indeed my son. Since then, I wanted to know my son first and keep my relationship with him, private.

Currently, Derek Ramsay is in a dilemma of which he wanted to lawfully resolve as privately as possible. Along this juncture,. let us wish him all the best and may he be guided by God to make things much easier for him and Mary Christine as well.

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