Derek Ramsay, a hunk dramatic actor has warned the public most specially those travel agents who are about to be victimized by a so-called poser of his. The mystery guy will offer those helpless victims an indecent proposal thereafter. Descriptively he says that this guy literally knows everything about him to make his claims believable even more. Currently, they are tracking down the real identity of that poser so that Derek can eventually protect the welfare of his avid supporters.

Dramatic actor Derek Ramsay warns the public against a dangerous poser.

Dramatic actor Derek Ramsay warns the public against a dangerous poser.

At one point, he tried to contact the dubious number but unfortunately, there was no response. On the lighter side of this story, Derek Ramsay is very much happy with the way things are going with respect to his career is concerned. Meanwhile, his love life remains to be unattached with anyone in particular. Meanwhile, TV host Kris Aquino and him remains to be the best of friends despite of their extreme closeness together. In fact, he frequently advises Aquino to slow down with respect to heart matters. On the other hand, he is leaving his fate to God as far as his court case is concerned. He says that Philippine Laws are just and he has nothing to worry about What matters to him right now is the mere fact that he had already admitted that he has a son out of his previous marriage.

In other developments, Derek Ramsay also dispels the rumors that someday he will find love in Jennylyn Mercado. Again, the generous actor has time and again denied that he would pursue on Mercado in the future. Right now, Derek Ramsay is too preoccupied with his career and most importantly in being a father to his son. Truly, Derek Ramsay is a fighter who knows how to courageously weather any storm all these years.

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