Hunk and dramatic actor Derek Ramsay was allegedly married to a beautiful Filipina-Indian model, whose name is Mary Christine Jolly. According to reliable sources, the solemnity of their secret marriage happened in 2002 somewhere in Balagtas, Bulacan. As such, he had already a family which bore a bouncing a baby boy a few years later. Previously, their alleged union was solemnized in a civil ceremony.

The alleged ex-wife of Derek Ramsay filles a legal action against him.

The alleged ex-wife of Derek Ramsay filles a legal action against him.

As expected, Ramsay denied the nasty rumor to the hilt. Along this juncture, the most gorgeous talent of TV5 refused to comment on the matter. Instead, he will let his lawyers to handle this very sensitive issue about his personal life. Insofar as having a child is concerned, Derek says that he is very much willing to subject him-self to a DNA testing to put a closure to this very sensational issue. Specifically, the legal action that was filed against him was in relation to RA 9262 or otherwise known as the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act. Marriage wise, there were actual photos of the said ceremony which were published in several internet sites.

Meanwhile, the complex legal action was filed before the Makati Prosecutor’s Office. According to reliable sources, they are still very much married because it is not yet annulled. To prove that she is telling the truth, Christine furnished a copy of the said document and the rumored birth certificate of their child. Based on the pertinent details of this legally contested issue, the child was born on June 28, 2003. Among her series of accusations were: Christine’s unbearable miseries of having suffered different kinds of abuses like: Financial, emotional and psychological.In the said affidavit, she said that Derek is so possessive and demanding. Worst of all, she wasn’t able to receive anything for the sake of their child.

In closing, Derek Ramsay should face this problem in all sincerity because God will soon intervene with this trial of his in a flash.

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