The movie, Devil’s Knot is centered on the early years of innocent people in West Memphis, where three horrific ordeals took place. The film opens up on the afternoon of May 5, 1993 with Pam Hobbs played by Reese Witherspoon and her son, Stevie. After Stevie did not come home from an afternoon play session with best friends Michael Moore and Christopher Byers, the small town of West Memphis has turned itself into a territory of desolation and fear. This came after Stevie’s desperate parents and friends who had earnestly searched for them.

Soon enough, the deceased boys’ bodies were found inside a nearby creek. They were hog tied, mutilated and dressed in a mussed up kind of clothing. The said scenario sent the town in grips of horror and panic that someone truly evil is lurking in their place specifically a Satanic cult. Therefore, a special investigation body eventually lead the cops to those three teens Damien Echols ( James Hamrick), Jason Baldwin (Seth Meriwether) and Jessie Misskelley, Jr. (Kristopher Higgins)- who immediately became as prime suspects. In this respect, the film has failed to show multiple perspectives as it spent most of its time with Pam and a local private investigator who was so desperate to clear the names of the three alleged culprits, to save them from the penalty of death.

Devil's knot is a mysterious chronicle about those innocent children who got lost in West Memphis.

Devil’s Knot is a mysterious chronicle about those innocent children who got lost in West Memphis.

In general, the Devil’s Knot lacks passion, drive or flow that the story badly requires though it has a horrific plot. Thus, it also failed to reach a dramatic level of cinematic excellence. Moreover, It lacks focus and clarity as the story bounces back between Pam and the investigation process without getting emotionally involved. However, the film’s setting and location in the early parts of the story had easily sent a hint that it could be a big failure in dwelling into a more complicated and yet compelling parts of this horrific tale. To resolve, the director should have at least extracted some emotions from the dumbfounded parents and the horror-struck suspects as well.

If Devil’s Knot tried to attempt in dramatizing the events of the case which should have been totally independent of the documentaries that came before this one; then, its director failed at that. First, he utilized the use of a documentary style through a screen text which not only introduced the characters and the significant passing of mysterious dates, but to spell out a kind of given information that is already too obvious for critical moviegoers.

The all-star cast of the movie was given little acts to do. Just like Firth who failed to leave a mark. In the case of Reese, she was just assigned one or two scenes. More so, a talented character (Nivola) who is capable of doing more seems to be stuck inside a bad Sam Rockwell impersonation here. Nevertheless, the only member of the cast who manages to stand out in a positive light is Dane DeHaan. But, he is trapped in a very limited role. What are some of the other imperfections of this titillating movie? Read on.

It was filmed without energy or creativity. To date, the cinematographic choice does make a constant use of full body shots of the dead bodies. It goes from unsettling the offensive parts. Simply because, it was presented with such little skills and respect. Overall, it was too void of elegance.- Technically and emotionally speaking.

The highly publicized documentary should go without saying that West Memphis’ three ordeals has taken its fair share of screen time. To explain, the elements for a narrative feature is somewhat uncertain. So, the storyline should not have been written as such. Ultimately, this is one of the most unpopular films of horror in history. In terms of box office probabilities despite of the fact that it was based on a true story, this big. Egoyan work of art still failed to engage with its audience and the actual material itself.

The Devil’s Knot bitterly resembled a flat and monotonous tone. Hence, the movie failed to dramatize an emotionally-rich and a true-to life horrific tale. Watch its sneak preview.

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