The best-selling book from Wattapad entitled Diary of the Ugly is now an upcoming movie from Viva Films which revolves around the story of a girl who is not really ugly in real life, but a certified genius who got accepted as a university scholar of Wilford Academy. Aside from her unbelievable academic feat, the main character of this worth reading book is a part-time assistant in her aunt’s restaurant. Since she is very generous and kindhearted to everyone, God has rewarded her with so much blessings. She would soon become the exclusive maid of the owner of the academy’s son. From this cute and admirable undertaking of hers, Eya will soon travel the long and winding roads of life, when she falls in love with the gorgeous son of her boss against all odds. Consequently, she will do everything to make her boss’ son fall in love with her.

Diary of the Ugly

Diary of the Ugly will soon premiere in theaters on April 2,2014.

After raking millions of dollars across the globe, Viva Films will make this very inspiring novel into a movie which stars Nadine Ilustre, Andre Paras and Yassi Pressman among others. The Diary of the Ugly is directed by Andoy Ranay and will be shown in theaters on April 2, 2014.

By the way, this funny and inspiring movie is a unique adaptation of a famous book with the same title that was written by HaveYouSeenThisGirl. The young and humble author is not really a writer by profession. Frankly, she only writes about anything to ease her boredom. Her first writing stint was mainly for forums of Candy Magazine. Due to her inherent knack for it, everything came so easily. Currently, the brains behind the phenomenal success of Diary of the Ugly is an instant celebrity with simple dreams in life.

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