Dramatic actor and exclusive Kapuso talent, Dingdong Dantes is very much happy and secured with his career status even if he and his soon wife to be tie the knot this December. He says that what matters to him as of the moment include his upcoming altar date and other big plans after that grandiose wedding. Further, Dingdong has commented that the quality of loyal fans and supporters matters to him the most rather than the issue of quality. Likewise, the debonair Kapuso has revealed in an interview that his ultimate goal in life is to how to make a difference in the lives of others rather than fame and popularity.

Dramatic actor Dingdong Dantes is so secured with his carer status even after his marriage.

Dramatic actor Dingdong Dantes is so secured with his carer status even after his marriage.

In other developments, Dingdong and Marian have not yet talked about their pre-nup agreement because they are both busy for their wedding preparations and their respective careers. Speaking of their preparations, they had a dinner and meeting with their future principal sponsors. As to their identities, Dingdong and Marian will surprisingly divulge them come this 7th of September. But for sure,it will be a star-studded line up of glitz and glamour in and out of showbiz. In relation to this, the most ideal showbiz couple today has not yet finalized their talks with Governor Vilma Santos of Lipa in Batangas. The same thing goes with singer Ogie Alcasid.

Finally, Dingdong Dantes has nothing to fear about the bleak side of his career if he gets married soon. He is a versatile actor who knows how to effectively internalize his roles. In addition, he is a multi-awarded actor with a big heart. Therefore, his soon to do movie projects will never be a problem in any way. For as long as Dingdong remains humble and generous, God will abundantly bless him more because of his kindhearted soul.

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