Actor Dingdong Dantes will be Marian Rivera’s special guest on birthday celebration this Saturday, August 9, 2014. She candidly admitted that his gorgeous and generous boyfriend will make her show even more special now that she has a top rating primetime show to proudly brag about. Aside from Dingdong Dantes, she has other special guests to grace her birthday special. Going back to this versatile actor, he is currently praised by millions for his convincing portrayal in the primetime soap opera, Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reals.Together with Dantes in this very moving and convincing drama anthology are Maricel Soriano, Lovi Poe, Coney Reyes, Jaime Fabregas, Susan Africa and Tommy Abuel.

In the said drama series, Dingdong married Soriano before he met Lovi Poe. As far as the twist of the story is concerned, Maricel has finally discovered that her husband has another family in Cebu. As expected, the legal wife will confront the mistress in a fierce and unforgiving manner. Now to make it more appealing to its loyal viewers Lovi Poe will assume the role of a second wife who is usually described as an underdog in everything although she had a son with Dantes.

Dingdong Dantes will be Marian Rivera's guest on Marian. this Saturday.

Dingdong Dantes will be Marian Rivera’s guest on Marian. this Saturday.

In retrospect, Dantes was able to prove his versatility when he was confronted by Soriano the moment that she found about the extramarital affairs of her philandering husband. There was one scene were Dantes was severely hurt because of those numerous slaps that he received from his equally brilliant screen partner. Despite of everything Dantes has given justice to the role that he played without complaints. For those who had followed his acting career from the very beginning, Dantes has improved a lot in all of the critical aspects of his career. On the lighter side of story, he is also preoccupied with numerous socio-civic activities in which he is one of the top benefactors to make the lives of others more meaningful. Truly, Dingdong Dantes is more than just a character actor.

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