Dingdong Dantes is Still Marian Rivera’s One and Only

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It is a common knowledge that celebrity couples oftentimes go on their separate ways because of those inevitable temptations in the unpredictable world where they blissfully belong. Well, not in the case of Dingdong Dantes, a Filipino hunk actor whose head over heels with his longtime girlfriend Marian Rivera. Rivera is a beautiful and sexy dramatic actress who has top billed numerous teleseryes in the Philippines such as Marimar and Dyesebel respectively. Frankly, Dantes has admitted that her romantic liaison with Marian Rivera is not exceptionally perfect. However, his unquestionable faithfulness to her remains to be unshaken. On the subject matter of temptation, Dingdong Dantes has a very realistic perspective. To date, he said.

When you know that a situation is susceptible to temptation, you must have the initiative to get away from it.

Dingdong Dantes is very much faithful to his girl, actress Marian Rivera.

Dingdong Dantes is very much faithful to his girl, actress Marian Rivera.

This was his simple statement about the issue of faithfulness during the press conference of the teleserye in GMA-7 which is mysteriously entitled, The Two Mrs. Real’s. Dingdong’s secret formula in loving his girl with all his body and soul is this, Maturity. According to him, Past is past, I know my Priorities and the effects that will happen later on. He is earnestly hoping that Marian will be the last woman in his life. Similarly, they have talked about marriage during their intimate moments together. But, they have not formalized their plans yet.

It might be a one in a million rate of probability nowadays to have a beau like Dingdong Dantes. Therefore, Marian Rivera has every reason to celebrate and be grateful for.

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