Marian Rivera became the happiest woman on earth last night, when she unexpectedly received the best ever birthday gift since she was born into the light of this world. It was no other than but the most tearful marriage proposal which was done by Dingdong Dantes, a famous Filipino celebrity. He made the said proposal on national television. At last, the long wait was finally over Dingdong surprised his lady love on her live birthday special via her most popular dance show, Marian. Prior to that most awaited moment Dantes proudly shared those intimate photos of them along with their closest family and friends.

Dingdong Dantes Marriage Proposal to Marian Rivera

Dramatic actor Dingdong Dantes proposed marriage to Marian Rivera on national television via GMA-7’s Marian.

After which, there was a spectacular butterfly dome which made Primetime Queen more emotional. Based on that most confidential video which was actually taken in Macau when they had a trip there, Dantes whispered something to her girlfriend which made her cry. After that very thrilling video preview, Dingdong requested for a video freeze. Then, he went on to tell Marian the following words :

I have a confession to make. I knew when I already had the chance, I was totally overwhelmed and I was not able to accomplish what I was supposed to. However, allow me to do it right this time. This time, it will be more special because you are with your family. My family is also with us and the people who loves us both. Now, I want to tell the whole world how much I love you.

Gently, Dingdong Dantes knelt before Marian Rivera. This most romantic gesture of his, brought cheers and wild shouts from excited studio audiences. On her part, Marian began to cry incessantly as if she had an inkling on what was going to happen next. Dingdong went on by saying :

Yan, whenever I pray I always ask God to give me someone to whom I can laugh and cry with. Someone who will share my happiness and sadness. A kind of person to whom I can give my whole life to. Right now, there’s nothing I could ask for. I want to settle down and have a family. Yan, in our years of togetherness, one thing is for sure. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. At this point with this whole world as our witness, I want to shout in all happiness that you are the answer to my prayer.

Subsequently, Dingdong Dantes got a tiny box from his elegant suit. In tears, he sincerely uttered.

I offer you this gift on your birthday, something that’s beyond any material thing or tangible one, but I offer myself, my love today and all the days of my life. So please, Marian, will you be my wife?

The crowed cheered and shouted, when the debonair actor made the most important revelation of his lifetime. To sum up, Marian Rivera did not say a word. But she did more than that.She had sealed her sweetest reply to her beau with kisses. Seconds after, he got Marian’s finger and inserted the most precious engagement ring. As the overwhelmed audience were trying to savor that tender moment, he gladly introduced her former girlfriend and soon to be his wife by saying.

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present to you, my fiancee, the birthday girl in her last dance with me before we become one. The soon to be Marian Gracia Dantes.

Seeing a guy that is proposing to his lady love gives us a sense of happiness. What more would the audience in the studio would have felt when they saw such a prominent actor proposes to the love of his life. On behalf of, we would like to congratulate you both Dingdong and Marian. We will look forward in your upcoming Wedding.

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