It looks like 2014 is not just a year in establishing businesses but it is also dubbed as The Year of the Butts. Diplo, a well-known album producer allegedly wants to buy Taylor Swift a new butt by hook or by crook. In fact, he had launched a fundraising campaign in relation to this the website has been named as Fundly. As of press time, the interesting portal has already raised a total of $85.

Would Taylor Swift have a new butt soon?

Would Taylor Swift have a new butt soon?

In lieu of this, Swift never had an idea that a generous Diplo desires to make her stunning as ever before. Have you ever wondered how Swift would react the moment she finds out that she’ll soon have an enticing behind that has always been the subject of envy for most women out there? As they say, there are unique and creative ways wherein we can improve our-selves to blissfully achieve a deep sense of perfection inside and out. After all, we deserve to be beautiful no more, no less.

If Diplo’s strategy will work according to plan, Swift’s Blank Space will surely be a smash hit if she will be one of the most daring and sexiest singer of all time. But the most intriguing question of all is this. Would Taylor Swift be amenable to such kind of an aesthetic surgery that would eventually take the international music scene by storm? Whoever says yes, after reading this amusing article could have accurately read her incredible mind by merely using his or her intuition. Going back, Taylor Swift has the best producer in town. He is such a wonderful boss and a mentor who knows exactly how to concoct a winning formula to make things even better for Swift. In the next few days, let us all anticipate if the above mentioned portal will be able to raise millions of dollars for the still uncertain aesthetic surgery.

Indeed, beauty and prestige go hand and hand whenever it is deemed necessary for someone like Taylor Swift. However, she must weigh things over prior to this very tedious undertaking. There are no known cures for regrets. No matter what she does, the multi-awarded singer and philanthropist can no longer turn back the hands of time if there would be problems in the not so distant future. But then again, Swift has the last say on this funny issue about butt surgery. We are truly optimistic that she will never put her-self in situations which can stir those unwanted compromises. Diplo is a genius. Whatever his motives are, these things would become mutual benefits for him and his most cherished protege. To sum up, the complex world of modern science has its own remarkable way of making us laugh after a long day.

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