The sacred and blissful bond of a long and lasting marriage is the next mega project of notable indie film director Paul Soriano to longtime girlfriend, Toni Gonzaga. She is a notable TV host and actress from ABS-CBN 2. As we all know, these two workaholic lovebirds have been strongly together for several years now. Thus, making director Paul Soriano and “multimedia star” Toni Gonzaga as one of the most formidable couples in Philippine Showbiz. To undoubtedly prove that they are so much in love with one another, ace director Paul Soriano and the sexy singer/comedienne will be celebrating their 8th year together as a couple this June.

Indie film director, is set to marry TV host Toni Gonzaga in the not so distant future.

Indie film director Paul Soriano, is set to marry TV host Toni Gonzaga in the not so distant future.

Over the last seven years, Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga have been rocked by nasty rumors and intrigues that they both fell in love with somebody who might be better than their respective selves. But, these storms were all parts of a lovely and divine orchestration called “LOVE”. Now, as to the question of millions with regards to a possibility of a grandiose altar date of director Paul and the brainy Toni in the near future Toni Gonzaga has this to say. “I am looking forward to that very day where I would be able to have a family of my own. With of course, Director Paul Soriano no more no less”.

On the other hand, the handsome and brilliant director Paul Soriano has told a local television outfit in the Philippines that his next humongous and mega blockbuster project is to tie the knot with her one and only queen, Toni Gonzaga. But before this most splendid event happens, the charming and debonair Paul Soriano is carefully thinking about the best marriage proposal that no man has ever done before. Ultimately, one thing is for sure. He and Toni will say “I do” before God and man.

Director Paul Soriano is really a man of honor who loves to meg life’s most thrilling surprises specially for his adorable lady love, Toni Gonzaga. Whatever it takes, this would be another sure hit from director Paul Soriano with a glamorous and happy ending.

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