Divine Will of God: The Irreversible Mystery

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The Divine Will of God has powerfully ruled our lives with His Divine plan that is often misunderstood by many of us. Consequently, this sacred and magnificent ways of our loving Father in Heaven are gravely questioned as if He does not have the exemplary capability to change our lonely existence into something that is rewarding and unforgettable, for as long as we are all given the the best pleasures in life. This spiritually enlightening article will help each one of us to discover the Divine Will of God, through the inspiring guidance of the Holy Spirit who is the ultimate fount of joy and peace of Mankind. Basically, the Divine Will of God contains a systematic plan of unseen but strongly felt actions which are basically comprised of the following components:Human Actions + Trials = Divine Rewards. and Divine Rewards + Giving = Heavenly Bliss.

Divine Light

In this picture, you cannot see the magnificent image of God. But, His Divine Will is sacredly concealed somewhere.

The aforementioned spiritual equation concerning the puzzling Divine Will of God, can be explained using the following explanations. In our daily lives, we tend to do some actions that are in accordance to the situations that we are confronted with. These are the dynamics of the inevitable which test our faith and decision making abilities. But, we always have to understand that God is constantly giving us trials for Him to know and gauge our Love and Faith in Him. Also, these incomprehensible examinations will be his greatest measures of those rewards that we are going to receive. Therefore, we should thank the Lord for every trial that we have because He will change these into a blissful feeling that you have not experienced before.

Meanwhile, the second equation in consonance with the Divine Will of the Father can be simply explained that if we are rewarded by Him we should be selfless to earn our redeeming points in the after life. After all, we never own anything in this world. We are all just designated as “Stewards of These Abounding Treasures”. Logically speaking, we all perceive life’s trials as mere curses and punishment. Frankly, these are not. Rather, trials are the best parts of His Divine Will to make us aware that He is constantly there for us only because He is a perfect image of a Father who never forsakes anyone despite of his or her sins. Lastly, these challenges are our guiding forces to His Heavenly Kingdom.

Human weaknesses in some ways fail to acknowledge that the Divine Will of God is the most prolific expression of His unceasing fount of Compassion, Love and Mercy. In other words, if we have more trials God overwhelmingly showers us with graces that are not only material in nature. These can be either of the following:

  • Soul Protection
  • Forgiveness
  • Renewal of your body, soul and spirit
  • To wrap up, the Divine Will of God is His spiritual and moving presence that will help us to perfectly discover that His gift of life for you and me is one and the same now and forever.- Abundant, peaceful and divine.


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