Do Not Nominate, If You Do Not Donate- Joey de Leon

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Comedian, writer and TV host Joey de Leon has made his very blunt but impressive statement on the Viral Ice Bucket Challenge. In his simple and witty words which says, Do not nominate, if you don’t donate, it has really made millions of Filipino netizens to notice that it has become an annoying trend nowadays, since everyone wants to do it for the sake of doing it. In other words, it has been turned into a fad rather than an advocacy that will help millions of across the world insofar as ALS is concerned. On his unique and intellectually-stimulating Instagram account Joey de Leon posted these analytical and profound statements.

Comedian,TV host and writer Joey de Leon has this to say about the Viral ALS Challenge.

Comedian,TV host and writer Joey de Leon has this to say about the Viral ALS Challenge.

There are so many attention-seekers who do the Ice Bucket Challenge just for hilarity. However, they just do the challenge and nominate, but do not donate. You should stop doing that!

In effect, many netizens also posted about the undying Filipino culture as certified copycat whenever something goes Viral via the internet. Among the top comments about the IB Challenge has this to say.

The purpose of the ice bucket challenge campaign is to raise awareness re: ALS. The ALS organization doesn’t oblige you to donate instead of doing the ice bucket challenge. You can do either or both. And they don’t oblige you to donate a specific amount. ALS org also reminds us to thoughtfully use water esp[especially] in countries where water is scarce. So don’t think that just because one is just pouring iced water in his/her head & not making a donation, doesn’t mean he/she is not making a difference. The campaign is for awareness. And if you have money to spare that will help fund their research & clinical works.

Another user of Instagram says,

He’s right! It would be better if you donate money too even though you accepted the challenge specially those high-profile people.

Indeed, an intelligent mind like Joey de Leon makes a big difference in the lives many.

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