The expressive art of music enroutes to a broad and extensive horizon of reality as well as the other fruitful endeavors of a lifetime. Today, the sensational realms of international music proudly welcomes this genius guy named Drake. His newest single which is entitled the How About Now Saga had leaked on SoundCloud. As an artist, Drake had masterfully released his kind of music but with no particular album in mind. However, he had given away clues about a new music project which is entitled Views from 6.


Moreover, the Drake Mania continues its fever across the globe by having a taste of his rare and greatest music so sweetly without any reservation at all. In case you didn’t know, the How About Now Saga had its marathon airplay on Mojave. Basically, the How About Now Saga is presumed as a gracious exit towards his other artistic creation of his other soundtracks such as On Tuesdays and 2 Ons respectively.

Moreover, his kind of music infuses a soul-inspired genre and its coupled with a lyrical content that deeply lingers within the depths of the listener’s personality. Most importantly, it has captured the timelessness of music that cannot be replicated by any other musicians in our midst these days. Indeed, the How About Now song of Drake is an exceptional masterpiece that you should watch out for. Drake’s single is perfect in form, providing the essence of a complete argument in what others perceive as a sea of Migos with regards to its flow and ravishing Mustard beats. Ultimately, this beautiful craft of his is all about a former lover who does not find contentment and happiness in the cradling arms of this very volatile world of ours. In the same line of contention, the best part of the song intricately focuses on the way you can hit every note with ease and confidence without trying hard. As a result, it harmoniously maintains a classy vibe in every, lyric, melody and beat.

Apart from these. How About Now tackles about what it takes to be able to make every listener realize that human interaction is more important than any other things in this world. On the other hand, there were times that the song will shift to supernatural phenomenon for whatever purpose it might serve. Overall, the Views from the 6 album can be aptly characterized as legendary kind of music due to its very comprehensible manner of presenting an unusual kind of rap. In fact, it dearly possesses some heartwarming quotes that will really touch the depths of your person. Conclusively, Drake will definitely become one of the most bankable rap artist for 2014 without having to say much about him-self and his music. Truly, How About Now is an incredible product of human understanding.


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