Any team in particular wants to achieve everything in stride, by not just being a team. It is equally important if every player does his part to attain the highest accolade ever created.- The art of winning. But how does will it fair in sports if a certain player feels that that he did not meet the expectations of his team? Drew Brees, one of the frontrunners of the Saints had felt that he was not able to meet the expectations of his team to have the upper hand in the kind of competition that they know best.

Ace player Drew Brees feels that he failed his team in some ways.

Ace player Drew Brees feels that he failed his team in some ways.

At first, they were on top with an unthinkable 13-point lead. Their offenses and defenses were too perfect to comprehend. But whatever happened to the Saints in the latter part of the game? Here’s what bitterly transpired. Drew Brees threw an interception that had set the momentum of the Lions for the game. Along this juncture, there were some who had even surmised that that the team should avoid there senseless throwing. Instead, they must keep the ball to make it run to their advantage. According to Brees him-self,

The worst feeling in professional sports is when you feel like you let your team down. And that’s the way I feel right now. You’ve gotta know when to take a chance, when to try to fit a ball in there, or when to throw it away, take a sack, scramble, whatever it might be, and make sure the ball stays in your hands. And unfortunately that’s a critical time of the game where a turnover cannot happen, and I’m responsible for that. That one’s on me.

Historically, the Saints had suffered so much in the hungry and powerful hands of its opponents as it had bitterly established 10 losses in the previous seasons. However, this can be dramatically changed if the the Saints will work in unity as a team. Logically speaking, Drew Brees must not blame him-self alone because winning is in the same way about fate and destiny. In addition to this, their gameplay routines should be critically thought of in the most unique ways. Above anything else, the Saints should enhance the individualized capacities of their players to make things work for them. Hence, their coaching staff must learn how to read the minds of their opponents so as to apply the best antidote against losing a game. Similarly, they should always have in mind that winning entails the essence of faith and prayer to be a victor at the end of the day. Last but not the least, they should not overlook the weaknesses and strengths of their opponents.

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