Traveling around the world, is one of the fondest dreams of everyone. It is the most fulfilling phases of our chic lifestyles. Given the chance to do so, me and my best friend would like to go and commune with a modern and splendid beach at the heart of Dubai in the Middle East. This jetsetting tourist attraction is situated along a man made marina district. The said soon to be famous tourist attraction across the globe, has skyscraping structures to the delight of everyone. As far as it tourism strategy is concerned, it gladly welcomes everyone with love, respect and passion regardless of race, religion, culture and economic status.

This is one of today's most sought after beach resort in Dubai, UAE.

This is one of today’s most sought after beach resort in Dubai, UAE.

Moreover, this modern and splendid beach has the most luxurious towers in the world which had been built only during the last 10 years of this ultra innovative century. As they had been artistically crafted for luxury and comfort, some of these posh towers had been used as temporary shelters of working professionals who are passionately working in the Gulf’s most wanted commercial hubs. Also, in this ostentatious resort you can find those multi-million vacation properties which are really one-of-a-kind. In fact, these are proudly owned by wealthy businessmen from Russia, Saudi Arabia and Asia.

Currently, this has become more popular since it was first discovered because it now houses a sleek but classy entertainment rendezvous. Among the first visitors of this very engaging beach resort were Dubai’s fashion actor Will Smith and its generous ruler Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. They were last seen here in February of this year.

Last but not the least, this modern and splendid beach in United Arab Emirates is being highlighted with a gigantic, High Definition outdoor cinema and those techie digital signboards which allow tourists to take some selfie pics that will surely become a traveler’s favorite hobby.

There is so much more to expect from this modern and splendid beach, which will timelessly captivate the most gratifying pleasures of those seasoned and affluent travelers and the not so rich members of a given society the world over.

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