Dubious Selfies Squander Human Touch- UK Queen

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The latest technological features in mobile phones, which amazingly allow us to take pictures of our-selves have immensely lost ones close and significant association with other people along with the so-called element of human interest. This was according to the the powerful and influential
UK Queen. In her one-on-one talk with the Ambassador to England, Matthew Barzun Queen Elizabeth has discouragingly expressed her personal opinions with respect to the taking of self-photographs as extremely bad manners. Thus, she calls social media as medium which makes her to miss the eye.

The amiable UK Queen perceives selfies as bad manners.

The amiable UK Queen perceives selfies as bad manners.

Nevertheless, she has remained fully aware of the different technological evolutions that largely conquer the global mainstream by storm. In fact, she comprehensively monitors the progress status of industrial revolutions through the use of her mobile phone. Did you know that the friendly UK Queen has a cellphone since 2001? According to reports, it was a precious gift from the Duke of York. Her grandson, Prince Harry taught her how to text. Most often than not, she uses her mobile phone when she is going outdoors in her private and plush residences at Balmoral Castle and the Sandringham House.

Going back to the selfie issue there were a couple of times when the UK Queen was caught unaware of those surprising mobile shots during her tours. To wrap up, convenient uses of our mobile phones must be utilized in accordance to what we urgently need at the right place and time. Of course, we should not fail to realize that such a high profile individual like Queen Elizabeth has her own private matters to deal with. Thus, this has to be respected. Every click of our cellphone cameras has specific responsibilities.

On the part of social media networks, millions of users must bear in mind that the there are certain limitations in taking those cute to embarrassing selfies. One of which is to avoid as much as possible the incidence of privacy intrusion.

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