Dulce De Leche Girl Scout Cookies

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A delicately baked biscuit sweetly christened with a unique name, “Dulce De Leche” Girl Scout cookies. These crunchy and delicious cookies are already sold in supermarkets across the globe to make you reminiscent of your infancy and early childhood days. Descriptively, these are Girl Scout cookie variations which are Latin inspired caramel biscuits, combined with the finest choices of caramel chips.

Prior to its product modification, the most delicious biscuits in the “Land of Uncle Sam” were made to perfection with the copious caramel topping. This is to complete the aesthetic fullness of beauty and the taste of magnificence. Best of all, to give it the magical harmony of a unique and exemplary product presentation that will surely make the cookie even more popular than the other kinds of Girl Scout cookies in the market today.

Dulce de Leche Girl Scout Cookies

The Dulce De Leche are aromatic and implausible flavorful blends. The were, in reality, a prototype of the Latin American’s original version of the alfajor cookie. By the way, the so-called alfajor biscuits come in many different and exotic flavors; which are literally region dependent. As such, each kind of alfajor in the South American region is really one-of-a-kind. So much so for the Latino kinds of biscuits, the Dulce biscuits have other names, which are quite difficult to enunciate. Some of these Spanish names of the Dulce are: Manjar, Manjar Blanco and Ariquipe.

Usually, the Dulce De Leche are mixed in birthday cakes, pastries and a lot more distinctive and marvelous baked goodies that you can possibly think of. On the other hand, the most treasured and confidential trade secret of the Dulce De Leche cookies is its fresh and luscious milk ingredient, without any preservatives at all. Of course, its rich and thick caramel sauce makes the cookies a standout.

On a lighter note, if you want to make your own creative and delicious Dulce De Leche Cream Sauce thus, making your homemade Girl Scout cookies more exciting up to the last piece, you have to develop and practice the virtue of “PATIENCE”. In doing so, you can eventually have the best homemade Dulce De Leche cookies in the whole world. Remember, a creamy and thick sauce inside or on top of your DDL will not only transform the snack into a more nutritious one. But, it would be suggestive in a way of having lots of cash in cute and fat piggy bank after selling some of them to earn a few dollars for your other needs.

The Delectable Dulce De Leche Girl Scout Cookies In Review

“Dulce De Leche” came from the etymology which simply means “Sweet or Candy of Milk”. To make it clearer, it is a kind of sweet caramel sauce commonly enjoyed by the majority of South Americans, irrespective of economic stature and lifestyle. A sumptuous and milky cookie variation like this from the original line up of Girl Scout cookies, can make anyone to be an obsessive and compulsive buyer. Why? Simply because, these nutritious biscuits are so delicious and very affordable. Imagine, one box of this unforgettable and timeless masterpiece from GSUSA costs only $4.00? In addition to this, it will certainly fill in your growling stomach with a sensible feeling of gratification; because each box of Dulce De Leche contains 20 pieces of those mouthwatering cookies.

Furthermore, a piece of Dulce De Leche is absolutely bite-sized. Approximately, these milky rich biscuits measure about 2 inches across the whole circumference. Speaking of its texture, the DDL Girl Scout cookie has a hard one. When it comes to the smell criterion, it has an overall olfactory appeal of sweetness courtesy of the perfect chemistry of caramel and palm oil ingredients.

According to a teenager’s blog, the Dulce De Leche Girl Scout cookies can be methamorphically described as ” healthy snack alternatives ” which have a delicate and delicious batter, bathe in a sweet-scented suntan lotion.

Now, who can ever resist the sensuous and tempting Dulce de Leche Girl Scout cookies?


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